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    1. Rich1911

      Call Out Instructors Providing Incorrect Info

      With everybody and their brother all of a sudden calling themselves W&C instructors it's no surprise there is so much misinformation out there. They all want a piece of that pie while it's still fresh and fetching $3-400 s slice...
    2. Rich1911

      Attacked by a feral/vicious dog when armed

      By the time you realize they are going to attack you (especially if more than one) you probably won't get the first shot off..
    3. Rich1911

      NJ Blinks, When Will MD?

      Don't you already have a permit because of your profession? If so, will you be keeping that on you or tearing it up and throwing it away?
    4. Rich1911

      Shelf Weight Loading

      You still have plenty of room...
    5. Rich1911

      Catching a ride in D.C. tomorrow: Uber, Lyft, or taxi?

      You lost me at "beer and food pairing"
    6. Rich1911

      Spring Picnic RSVP

      Looks like you are falling a little short...
    7. Rich1911

      River Monster

      Too bad we don't have a similar policy for dealing with invasive illegal aliens...
    8. Rich1911

      River Monster

      You should have seen the one that got away...
    9. Rich1911

      MDS Locking up a lot lately.

      No problems here...
    10. Rich1911

      Crofton / Gambrills McDonalds Murder

      Looks like the little darling had some handgun and assault charges of his own... probably payback for something..
    11. Rich1911

      Blocking? Moving to WVA!!

      If you make a donation you can bypass the 50 posts... not sure how well it will go over once a mod finds out you have a second account..
    12. Rich1911

      Who's getting in some fishing?

      Thanks - I'll look into them.
    13. Rich1911

      Who's getting in some fishing?

      Do they allow you to put a boat with a gas powered outboard on the reservoirs around here if you only use an electric trolling motor?
    14. Rich1911

      Let's Talk About Bear Defense for an 82-Year Old.

      Seems like he's doing ok so far since he keeps encountering them... why does he want to shoot them? Probably just piss them off..
    15. Rich1911

      New Software - Report Error Thread

      I like^ Go to Facebook for your like buttons...
    16. Rich1911

      F FEDEX with a capital F

      Aren't we special? lol... Fedex is supposed to schedule their route for when it is convenient for "You"...smh
    17. Rich1911

      Nexbelt Brand "Appendix Carry" Ratchet Belt in stock.

      That's what Amazon Prime is for - if you don't like something - send it back.
    18. Rich1911

      Tug Boat work (Watermen)

      Yeah, big future in that..
    19. Rich1911

      Squaregrouper's SHTF Water Info Thread

      Why not just dump them out and start over?
    20. Rich1911

      Tug Boat work (Watermen)

      Anything is possible - just look at who grew up to be POTUS...
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