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      Steel Challenge at Shadow Hawk Defense Nov.30-Dec. 1

      There will be a final sanctioned Steel Challenge match in 2019 at Shadow Hawk Defense in Hedgesville, WV, from November 30-December 1, 2019. That is the weekend after Thanksgiving. A Saturday AM group of 4 squads and a Sunday PM group of 3 squads. Due to the holidays a minimum of 15 shooters...
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      Steel Challenge (and Kahr series) at Peacemaker 10/26/19

      Last Steel Challenge match for 2019 at Peacemaker this Saturday. AM and PM squads. You can shoot up to 2 guns per squad. Also the Kahr series match is going on if you want to mix and match. I think the AM Kahr match is full up but the PM match is still open.
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      Steel Challenge at Shadow Hawk Defense

      There will be a sanctioned Steel Challenge match at Shadow Hawk Defense the weekend of September 28-29. It will feature 7 of the 8 stages. Saturday AM and PM squads plus a Sunday PM squad. Maximum of 2 guns per person per squad. Registration starts on 9/20 on Practiscore, pay at the match.
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      Peacemaker Steel challenge 3/16

      First Steel Challenge match of the year at Peacemaker is March 16.
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      PNTC 2018 Matches

      While there is not yet a current schedule on the Peacemaker site, the following matches are now listed in Practiscore: Steel Challenge - March 3, 2018 2-gun - March 10, 2018 Long Range Challenge - March 24, 2018 and April 28, 2018 Super Steel - March 24, 2018 PRS Club Series 1 -...
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      Rimfire Challenge

      The National Shooting Sports Federation is ending its run as the governing body of the Rimfire Challenge as of 1/1/2018. They successfully expanded it to the point that that this year's World Championship had a record 312 shooters, almost double what it was drawing during the time Ruger ran it...
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      2017 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship

      Tomorrow I leave for this event. 3 days in northern Alabama. Me and around 300+ other shooters. 14 stages over 2 days plus a 6(?) stage side match on Friday. Top pros KC Eusebio and Julie Golob are entered this year along with the usual rimfire speed shooting specialists. Last 2 world...
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      Just when you think everything is good, BAM!

      Well returning from the East Coast Steel Challenge Main event Sunday night I got about 1 mile from my house and was involved in a crash with a DUI driver. Person drove right thru a stop sign with no lights on as I got to the intersection. Managed to walk away with only an airbag burn on my left...
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      PNTC March USPSA and Steel Challenge

      Registration is now open for Peacemaker's first USPSA and Steel Challenge matches of 2016. Right now they don't have the bays to do all 8 stages of Steel Challenge in the same month but instead of doing the same 5-6 as 2015 they will be rotating the 6 stages setup among all 8 official stages so...
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      1911/2011 caliber conversion needed.

      Anyone know a decent 1911 gunsmith closer to me in WV? I need to finally get my Bul M-5 in 9x23mm converted to .40 S&W. I already have a factory Bul M-5 .40 barrel, ramped Nowlin/Wilson cut and a compatible Para P16-40 slide (stripped). The main caveat is the lower can't be touched or modified...
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      Building a Ruger clone.

      Just finished building a Ruger Mk III clone. Could have done it without any Ruger parts at all but at least for now I installed an OEM Ruger bolt and bought a couple of Ruger mags. Volquartsen Alloy Mk III grip frame Tactical Solutions Alloy upper receiver/barrel OEM bolt built from parts...
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      Steel Challenge at Peacemaker

      Steel Challenge at Peacemaker this Saturday. AM and PM squads. This link for info and registration.
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      2015 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship

      Registration for the 2015 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship is now open. Here is the announcement from the the MD on Brian Enos's site. The group for the 2015 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championships is pleased to announce that registration is open. Information can be found...
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      2015 NSSF Rimfire World Championship

      I would like this thread to mirror some of the issues being brought up on Brian Enos's forum. Mainly several rule and operating issues that the NSSF, its sponsors, and to a lesser extent Mark, the MD (who is going along with these and providing both input and taking opinions). Issue #1: They...
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      Ruger 10/22 build GBA

      Well I came back from the NSSF NC Regional Rimfire Challenge with a barrel prize. I used to say that the 10/22 was the dark side of rimfire because I bought just about everything else. I already have 2 racegun S&W 15-22s and a racegun Taccom AR-22. Now it looks like I'm going to have a 10/22...
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      MD NSSF Rimfire Challenge

      Well the first MD NSSF Rimfire Challenge state level match is going off this weekend on Sunday at Sanner's Lake. Several people who shot last month's PNTC Steel Challenge, including me, will be there.
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      USPSA/Steel Challenge at Peacemaker 7/5

      This Saturday is the dual USPSA and Steel Challenge match at Peacemaker. AM and PM squads of each. I will be shooting both Steel Challenge shifts.
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      April is a busy month for competition.

      I'm looking at my potential schedule for April and it is really booked up all over the region. April 5 USPSA/IDPA at Peacemaker April 6 3-Stage Falling Steel at MPC April 12 NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup) at Peacemaker (Speed Steel at MPC) April 13 3man/3gun at York (Rimfire Falling Steel...
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      Mossberg 930 JM Pro at PSA

      At this moment PSA has Mossberg 930 Jerry Miculek Pro 24" 9+1 shotguns in stock at $599.99.
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      PNTC 3-gun Regional registration

      The registration for the 3/15 3-gun 3GN regional is now open on the PNTC website. They are doing away with the Monday week before registration in favor of having it open on the Monday after the previous match. Also no Sunday squads in 2014 as other events are getting in the way...
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