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    1. C

      Just released my new H&K from 7 day jail

      Congratulations and enjoy! Cal68
    2. C

      30 Day Wait in Between Purchases

      I know others will suggest this, but why not fill out a Designated Collector application and then you will not have to wait the 30 days between purchases? The application is free but you need to get it notarized after you fill it in. Any UPS Store will notarize it for you. They used to charge $3...
    3. C

      Looking for MD CCW Class In Germantown, MD Area ( or reasonable distance)

      I'm interested in this too. I know Gilbert's in Rockville and The Machine Gun Nest/Heritage in Frederick offer the CCW class, but they appear to be pricey. So as the OP says, it would be great if there is a more reasonable option available. Thanks all. Cal68
    4. C

      Decision 2022 - Primary Election

      This. My Mom was a lifelong Democrat but I convinced her to vote for Larry Hogan twice because she agreed with me that the Democrat running against him was way too liberal even for her. I am sure that there were a lot of registered Democrats like my Mom who voted Republican in the general...
    5. C

      Holy Cow!!!! Just got the email. My MD concealed carry application was just approved!!! IN JUST 25 DAYS!!!!

      Congratulations to the OP. Great news for the rest of us who will apply or have applied. Cal68
    6. C

      Greetings from Washington County MD

      Welcome to MDS from Montgomery County. Cal68
    7. C

      Still requiring references?

      This is great news. Thanks for the heads up. Cal68
    8. C

      Still requiring references?

      I do not have problems giving references because I get to choose whom I list. It is the employer/supervisor requirement that I object to because I do not know if they are 2A supporters or not. Cal68
    9. C

      Hogan Addresses G and S!!!

      That is good to know. Thanks. Cal68
    10. C

      Hogan Addresses G and S!!!

      Never having applied for a CCW in MD, I did not realize that the application requires one to disclose the name of one's employer and supervisor. Like a couple of other people who have previously posted on this topic on this thread, I am not sure how my employer/supervisor will view me if they...
    11. C

      Greetings from Normandy:

      Your pictures bring back great memories of a trip I made to the Normandy Beaches about 5-6 years ago. I was supposed to be there on D-Day (06June) but got there a day late because of travel delays. It was still great to see so many American flags flying on the houses of the locals. My tour guide...
    12. C

      MSI's Guide to Maryland Wear and Carry Permits

      The MD CCW class appears to be $399 at Heritage and $425 at The Machine Gun Nest in Frederick MD. Where are the classes for $250? It may worthwhile driving there even at $5/gallon gas prices so long as it is not too far. Cal68
    13. C

      Maryland CCW Application via MDSP Portal

      I was at "The Machine Gun Nest" today to shoot and their MD CCW class was packed! A lot of us apparently are trying to get the training completed so that we can apply. I will do the same when the summer vacations are over. Cal68
    14. C

      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      Wow guys and gals, this is indeed great news for all of us 2A loving folks. I am not a lawyer so I am eager to learn from those of you who are lawyers as to whether there are any "work arounds" that MD could do to prevent us from getting a CCW in the next weeks/months. I will celebrate tomorrow...
    15. C

      My Wife and 9mm PCC Search (INITIATED HY HER)

      Dan at Baltimore's Best Pawn (Maryland Elite Firearms) posted that he has a Sig MPX in 9mm in the shop. Just saying! Dan is an IP on MDS and a great guy. Cal68
    16. C

      MoCo New to this world

      Welcome to MDS Jeff G. Cal68
    17. C

      Longtime Mary lander

      Welcome to MDS from another MoCo MD resident. The Jeff G story is hilarious and you will constantly hear references to him in one post or another. Cal68
    18. C

      Hello from VA

      Welcome from Montgomery County MD. Cal68
    19. C

      Introducing Myself - A brand new hunter

      Welcome to MDS from Montgomery County. I am not a hunter, so while I cannot give you any advice on your questions, I know that there are a lot of very well informed folks on MDS that will be able to help you out. Cal68
    20. C

      Firearms in the Shop

      I've visited Dan's shop far too many times in the past few months and I can definitely attest to the fact that the wall and display cabinets in his shop are full of enticing firearms! I just wish they were not as enticing because then I would not have made so many trips to his store! Cal68
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