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    1. BumblebeeSnek

      Actor Matthew Mcconaughey calling for gun control

      I logged back in after a long time because of this thread and because I really wanted to share this:
    2. BumblebeeSnek

      Textron Systems, Hunt Valley, MD is looking for Electrical Test Technicians/Electronic Assembly

      Here are two positions open: There are a lot more positions open...
    3. BumblebeeSnek

      Textron Systems in Hunt Valley is looking

      Howdy, Figured I'd let everyone know on this forum that Textron Systems in Hunt Valley, MD is pretty desperate for staff. Easy stuff like warehouse positions (forklift certified is a plus!), electrical soldering (2nd shift is offering a $1k bonus), and shipping/logistical positions in various...
    4. BumblebeeSnek

      Harris-Biden plan for gun owners

      I am flying my US flag & there's maybe 3 others in my small neighborhood who are. I have a MD flag that I need to mount up but I'm in no rush. I wanted to put up a "Don't Give up the Ship" for laughs and to confuse people though :D There's absolutely 0% political signs in anyone's yard though...
    5. BumblebeeSnek

      Harris-Biden plan for gun owners

      ^This. There are a lot of secret Trump supporters and they even lie to pollsters, family, friends, coworkers, bosses, etc. People don't want to lose their job, have their car keyed, cut off on the road, etc. I've never been inclined to advertise politically ever, but definitely wouldn't want...
    6. BumblebeeSnek

      New member from Cockeysville

      Thanks :) Looking forward to meeting some you in the future!
    7. BumblebeeSnek

      New member from Cockeysville

      Howdy Everyone :wave: I'm a new member, new gun owner as of earlier this year :innocent0 I did get introduced to guns via a friend that took me to a range a long time ago and I loved the it was something that was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to get into guns but...
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