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    1. E

      Aero precision EPC9

      Would like to know if these are legal here in MD in the pistol configuration. Thanks in advance.
    2. E

      7.62x39 ar…legal in MD?

      Is this legal in MD...
    3. E

      VEIP in North East

      Need to get emissions inspection by 3/31. Anyone know If the N E and inspection station is open or still only doing covid testing? If not, what’s the easiest way to git-er-done?
    4. E

      Merry Christmas

      Merry Christmas to all from Ceciltucky.
    5. E

      Rock Island VR80

      Are these legal in MD? Thanks in advance Earlybirdnj
    6. E

      Happy thanksgiving

      Happy thanksgiving to all from beautiful Ceciltucky. Stay safe and enjoy family and friends.
    7. E

      Early voting in Ceciltucky

      Been by the county building 5 times to early vote and every time the lines have been around the back. Think I’ll just wait till Tuesday.
    8. E

      Fatal accident Chesapeake City bridge

      Traffic was a mess. Anyone know what happened.
    9. E

      Merry Christmas

      Merry Christmas to all from Ceciltucky.
    10. E

      Pistol grips legal in MD?

      I want to get an 1100 with a pistol grip choate stock. Some doofus told me that he couldn’t sell it to me in MD because it had a pistol grip stock. Please enlighten me as to the legality of said shotgun. Thanks in advance.
    11. E

      Nur Temple gun show 5/17-19

      Small show but I always find something and not an all day affair. Plus no sales tax and you’re close to cabelas if that’s your thing. Edited— 5/17 dealer setup 5/18-5/19 actual show
    12. E

      AR head space check

      I am building 2 ars and need to check the head space. Is there anyone in Ceciltucky who can do it for me or does anyone have a set of go no go gauges I could borrow, rent or purchase. Thank you in advance.
    13. E

      anyone deal with JLowes guns?

      has anyone done business with jlowes lately? i been trying to reach john for the past two weeks but have not heard a word from him. like doing business with him but if he doesn't want to i'll have to find someone else. any recommendations for reasonable transfers in cecil county? thanks...
    14. E

      cabela's .308 ACIS mags

      finally someone around here has these--
    15. E

      Has anyone seen any bats this year?

      By this time of year, there are usually lots of bats in ceciltucky. i haven't seen one so far. not really complaining as i consider them flying rats. anybody have experiences or sightings this year?
    16. E

      Nur Temple sportsmans/gun show 2/13-2/15

      Nur Temple sportsmans/gun show in newcastle ,de. it's a small venue but the last one i went to was good and it's only 15 min from ceciltucky.
    17. E

      Is everybody ready for the coming Snowpocalypse?

      they say we could get anywhere from 8"-24" friday and sat. what are you doing to do to prepare?
    18. E

      Merry Christmas!

      Merry Christmas to all in Ceciltucky!
    19. E

      oaks gun show

      anyone going this weekend? if you are, save a buck with this--
    20. E

      Has anyone tried this?

      has anyone tried this? Looks interesting. Also is it MD legal?
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