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    1. M

      Looking for classes

      My wife and daughters-(not Children) would be interested in taking a pistol safety class or two just to get the basics--would this be something to consider for them?
    2. M

      Crimson Trace Laser

      The wife likes to shoot also so I was thinking about getting the Crimson Trace grips for her Taurus 627. Has any one tried this combo? I would rather the green laser so if anyone has any info on that also I would appreciate it. HAPPY Thanksgiving to all at Maryland Shooters.:thumbsup::)
    3. M

      case prep trick to cut down on time.

      Use an 82 degree countersink for the mil crimp removal. Works great in the drill press
    4. M

      case prep trick to cut down on time.

      If you are lucky enough to own a drill press try using it for case prep. I slowed the press to the slowest speed and use it for the Military crimp remover (if you use once fired military brass), also the primer pocket uniformer and the champher/deburring tools work very well in the press. I find...
    5. M

      Post your favorite ammo sources:

      Check out Brass Man Brass--He does carry and sell ammo not just brass. Has deals from time to time where if the order is worthy he picks up the shipping. Good people from LV.
    6. M

      .38 dies can load .357, but not the other way 'round?

      I have the RCBS with the ring you speek of. It does work well--I still tweek things a little when changing from 357 to 38 or the other way around--guess I am just a little anal in that regard.
    7. M

      plastic ammo boxes

      Yes for sure.
    8. M

      Southern Lancaster County Gun Range

      I sure would like to see some pictures of the place. Where is it in Lancaster?
    9. M

      plastic ammo boxes

      Thanks for the feedback. I agree that Top Hat is the place/guy to get them--when he has them. When the Zombies do attack I plan on giving them all of my guns----BULLETS FIRST
    10. M

      plastic ammo boxes

      I was getting them for 2.50 per at the gun shows now they are 4 and up. I am looking for about 40 100 count boxes for the 223. Yea I know I have a problem--What can I say--you can never have enough ammo.
    11. M

      Long Range

      On a good day I keep 5 shot groups to an inch and a half--(not every time but often enough) where is the challenge?:innocent0
    12. M

      Long Range

      I like to shoot some long range however the place I shoot is limited to 300yrds. Where in the Maryland area are ranges that I can soot out to 600yrds and do I have to join a club to do so?
    13. M

      plastic ammo boxes

      Been keeping an eye on the 100 count plastic ammo boxes for 223 for a while and they just seem to keep getting more and more out of line. Anyone know of a fairly reasonable source--tried the usuals like Midway, Midsouth,Natchez and such.
    14. M

      Graf's website issues?

      Natchez, Midsouth, Midway, even Brass Man Brass has the 224 FMJ from time to time. I feel your pain--I don't like to see a low stash either.
    15. M

      223 Brass

      I must agree it sounds like a good deal. I usually get my brass from Brass Man Brass and never had a problem. You can get it from them processed or not. I usually process myself as I am particular about how I reload. I sort by head stamp and year. This has proven to be the best for my in my AR...
    16. M

      #2 lead shot

      That is just what I wanted--Thanks--LOADS:thumbsup:
    17. M

      #2 lead shot

      Been there and done that--no luck Thanks all the same
    18. M

      #2 lead shot

      I am looking for some #2 lead shot for a friend. I am not an avid shotgunner and the internet does not give much that I can find. I see lead shot for fishing and one add for #2 lead with a minimum purchase of $500. Any guidance from you scattergunners out ther would be greatly appreciated...
    19. M

      Brass trimmer

      What you have a link to is a case prep center not a trimmer. The case prep won't trim it is for military crimp removal and primer pocket uniformer and such. The trimmer is a different tool.
    20. M

      Brass trimmer

      I use an RCBS trimmer and it does just fine, and won't break the bank.
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