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      New gun shop opening soon in Frederick

      This is the same shopping center we stop at to grab Chinese food on the way to both of our daughters up in Jefferson. Now I have an excuse to eat more and gun shop........ win !
    2. B

      Anybody still edc an xd subcompact?

      Everyday, never a problem.
    3. B

      DJ Batman - RIP

      Late 80's, early 90's I was always through the different clubs and bars. He always said he went to Woodstock.
    4. B

      Shots fired in Westminster?

      The bad part is they probably live there and are already know. Geniuses doing what they do. Just need to watch who's laying low the next couple days.
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      MD Gun Shops - Best to Worst

      Another A+ for Bollinger's in Taneytown. I went to the beach so I stopped to see Gus at Lighthouse Guns in Selbyville. He use to own Accurate Pawn on Washington Blvd. Two minutes after I called Bollinger's they sent their ffl to transfer a S&W to Maryland.
    6. B

      Gunsmith in Carroll County/ central MD?

      As many old guns as he has in there he has to know how or could point you in the right direction. There's probably no other shop like that anywhere.
    7. B

      Gunsmith in Carroll County/ central MD?

      1800's. Could always ask Brownstone.
    8. B

      Frederick Harbor Freight now open

      Would be great to get one in Carroll, but it would probably go to Eldersburg. Cranberry/Town Mall is dead and supposedly getting a opera/show house, not another anchor store. I'm in Frederick a lot of weekends with the grandson and I never knew one opened.
    9. B

      AR15 purchase out of state ?

      Just had someone ask if they could drive to PA or VA and buy an AR to bring back. I just didn't have a definite answer for them, any help ?
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      MD Gun Shops - Best to Worst

      Bollinger's in Taneytown has been great to deal with. Now to say Brownstone is very different is an understatement, but Mr.Bradley put me right on how a couple rifles and scopes should be set up. That man knows rifles.
    11. B

      Carroll County no dump passes with tax bill

      I've been seeing a lot of trucks and trailers going back down 140 full lately, they're really enforcing the Carroll residents only rule. Lucky my dumpster has a locking bar on it.
    12. B

      Springfield XD subcompact 9mm.

      Picked one up last week as a new carry. The Defender series comes with one magazine and a paper box, out the door at 380$. Looked around and the selections were minimal at most places and I was looking in the line of single stacks, Glock 43, Walther PPS. Didn't want to wait on ordering and the...
    13. B

      George Psoras for Carroll Co Circuit Court Judge

      Titus. Richard Titus is a strong 2A supporter and I've talked to him many times about shooting and what we own. He's more into sporting clays and skeet, but doesn't oppose any 2A ownership. Tried to get him to go trap shooting but our schedules don't line up.
    14. B

      Rossi RB22M

      Did you look at or get one ? I was actually looking at the the semi-auto version and couldn't find any bad reviews. It only runs about 225$. Doesn't look to be any market for upgrades, but still inexpensive easy shooting.
    15. B

      Scope height question ?

      So a friend gave me Simmons 3-9x50mm scope he wasn't using. The scope I took off the 22lr was only a 3x32mm, so it was a lot smaller. I found the mounts at a shop to clear the quarter inch needed, low to medium, to fit the 50 off of the barrel and taking it back tomorrow to get it mounted...
    16. B

      Dicks opening in Annapolis

      Stealing that line !!!
    17. B

      Dicks opening in Annapolis

      Why ? My honest opinion on "Big Box Stores" is crap anyway. I'd rather support the "Mom&Pop" stores to begin with. Let them sell running shoes and soccer balls and keep 2A money in our supporters pockets. Time protesting is time wasted on better situations. But again.... my opinion.
    18. B

      Blackhawk 45 lc

      Nice looking 357 6.5in in the classifieds. Worth looking at least.
    19. B

      HB 1502 Wear and Carry Permit changes

      Absolutely, every step in the right direction helps but when our own people oppose these steps we get pushed under the thumb of the anti's even more. They live to see us not backing each other and fighting among ourselves. Business owners were first, haven't heard of any shooting or crimes...
    20. B

      Any Carroll County Farms...

      I'd love to be able to do that but ranges around here don't want the liability. The only chance may be Thurmont Sportsman's Club and I only went there as a guest years ago. It's a little too far from me.
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