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    1. jaredm1

      What’s holding you back from taking your conceal carry course?

      Too much time and money for the amount of time I spend in MD these days. I'd apply for a non-resident permit today if it was $20 and a one-page application like PA. And I'd be comfortable spending the time & money on a class if I knew it was more skill-focused.
    2. jaredm1

      Hogan Addresses G and S!!!

      I believe the satellite office is on Pleasant Valley Rd near the Galleria and yes, location is much more convenient than going downtown.
    3. jaredm1

      Hiring in Hanover, PA

      ew, no. although probably yes.
    4. jaredm1

      Hiring in Hanover, PA

    5. jaredm1

      Hiring in Hanover, PA

      We need: Quality Engineers (salaried) Manufacturing Engineers (salaried) Machinists / CNC Operators / Inspectors (hourly, union) Aerospace industry experience would be a plus. PM me for details. Salaried jobs come with excellent retirement and paid time off benefits. I'm not as familiar with...
    6. jaredm1

      Really Good Tattoo Artists

      I mean based on some of these suggestions, it would seem so…
    7. jaredm1

      2022 Pennzoil oil rebate

      I got my rebate email 2 days ago
    8. jaredm1

      Nexbelt Brand "Appendix Carry" Ratchet Belt in stock.

      better to unbuckle, unbutton, and go over the top than to pull it through two rows of metal teeth.
    9. jaredm1

      Playstation 5 Walk In at Gamestop 01/14/2022

      Not a fan either, but it supposedly discourages resellers. I have heard of some people being allowed to exchange the bundle games for ones they actually want, but that is not official policy…depends on who’s working the counter. I missed out on the gamestop restock I stood in line for a...
    10. jaredm1

      Online only Playstation 5 drop imminent at Target this am 01/06/2021

      Any luck? I was able to get one this morning from the Target restock. I have only been seriously looking to buy since just after Christmas, so if you want one and you are persistent, it is doable in 2-3 weeks depending on your luck (I was "close" on 2 other restocks at other retailers and had...
    11. jaredm1

      Which micro 9mm to buy?

      I voted 43x, but I will throw in like some others that I carry the Glock 26. Maybe I'm a little bit of a fanboy, but they are simple, reliable, and have a long track record with incremental improvements in each generation. Glock is almost always a good answer when you just have a list of guns...
    12. jaredm1

      Required or Recommended - Masking in Church

      They are already working hard to get the "Science" in line with their opinion. Won't be long until the "Science is settled" and there will be no questioning the ability of a cloth mask to reduce transmission by 75%* *we made this number up
    13. jaredm1

      Required or Recommended - Masking in Church

      Not Baltimore Co, but just over the line in Southern York most churches that I know of are optional. Methodists are "woke" these days, so it's just a virtue signal.
    14. jaredm1

      9mm hammer fired compact 10+1 ?

      They do (or did) make a type G with decocker
    15. jaredm1

      9mm hammer fired compact 10+1 ?

      Beretta Px4 Storm Compact?
    16. jaredm1

      the edc WATCH thread Cool collector's piece, but for $400 I'm going to have to pass. After the 3,500 piece initial run, they should dump the titanium, make it completely polymer like a g-shock or swatch and sell them for $30
    17. jaredm1

      Went To The Towson Mall Today

      I remember being at their grand re-opening party in the early 90's as a kid. There was a laser light show and living statues. It was wild.
    18. jaredm1

      Recommend food & activities in Lewes

      My wife likes Grotto's a lot. I have not been to Lewes in years, but my favorites were down the road in Rehoboth: the Dogfish Head Brewpub and Big Fish Grill. Kick n' Chicken is in Lewes and had good tenders if you're getting take-out
    19. jaredm1

      The Importance of Magazine Rotation

      Nah, he made this BS claim in another thread and got called on it. He started this new one to double-down on it and share his "wisdom" :tdown:
    20. jaredm1

      Handgun recommendations

      1. None. 2. Glock 17. 124 or 147gr Speer Gold Dot or Winchester Ranger. 3. No. Which is why we say "Glock"
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