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      Ruger M77 Rifle

      Looking for either an M77 MarkII or Hawkeye for a project rifle. Mainly looking for a long action with magnum (.532) bolt face. I'm open to anything needing repair or replacement of stock/barrel, etc. as long as the action and bolt are in good shape. Prefer stainless, but would consider blued as...
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      Gordon Ramsay show: Ellicott city

      They served people looking for two very different things, now it seems to be neither. With Phoenix taking over it looked like only the building and the beer remained from the brewery.
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      Anybody have experience applying wood dye to stocks?

      This effect is from staining several thin sheets and laminating them together, then cutting/routing out the stock from the laminated block. Look into Boyds to see other options that can be made this way. Note that the laminated stock will be heavier than an equally sized single piece of wood.
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      Bolt Action .308 Buying Advice

      Ruger M77 - CDNN has them for pretty cheap. Longer barrel than you wanted but try it and cut down later if the extra length bothers you. It's a robust design that works well, just not a ton of aftermarket support if you are looking for something to tinker with a lot.
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      Looking for a single shot, bolt action .22

      Pick up any older bolt 22 and make a wooden 'magazine' shaped to allow single feeding. When your son is older and ready for it then remove the wooden dummy mag and let him use a real one.
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      Hunting w/ Wildcat Cartridge

      Searched his name and found a bunch of good information in threads across a few forums, thank you for that. It is interesting the subtle differences between what he made vs what Winchester settled on. Overall Moleman's version seems to fit better for what I want - no special brass, simple...
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      Hunting w/ Wildcat Cartridge

      Sure thing, I appreciate the suggestion. If Ohio decides to change their rules to accept it next year I probably will go that route. Just planning now so wouldn't end up building / buying until over the winter anyway. It'll be interesting to see what kind of results people get from the 350L...
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      Hunting w/ Wildcat Cartridge

      Good to know. I've never been asked what round I'm hunting with, but wasn't sure how explaining it would go if needed. Simply showing it's a 'big' bullet not a 223 would probably be enough, just want to be on the safe side. Unless Winchester can convince some midwest states to alter their...
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      Hunting w/ Wildcat Cartridge

      Unfortunately from everything I've read Winchester screwed up on this one and used a 0.355 bore instead of 0.357 so it's not really legal for some midwest states (including Ohio). Yes, it's only a 0.002" difference, but I'd rather not risk a ticket for something dumb like that.
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      Hunting w/ Wildcat Cartridge

      Not worried about a place to hunt, I already have a lease in an area that allows rifle. Used a .30-30 for a couple years then got an AR with 300BLK upper. Neither would be legal for use in Ohio, so starting to look for something different I could use in both states. An AR compatible round would...
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      Hunting w/ Wildcat Cartridge

      I just started looking into this earlier last week so could definitely have missed a standard chambering that would work for my intended use. I'll double check, but thought 450BM needed a different bolt and magazines (or at least followers). If it will work with standard AR components it'd...
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      Hunting w/ Wildcat Cartridge

      I'd use a proper controlled expansion bullet. Also, MD does limit the bullet type, but I've never seen a caliber or case length limit for MD. Sounds good, thank you for verifying. For something like this, how would an officer verify the round is compliant other than the bullet type itself? Do...
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      Hunting w/ Wildcat Cartridge

      I tried searching but didn't find anything. If it's already been answered please re-direct me to the existing thread. I've only ever hunted with SAAMI approved cartridges, but am interested in the legality of hunting with a wildcat in Maryland. The DNR site only has minimum energy...
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      Dear Fudds...

      As someone currently on one of the existing leases, I am not a fan of the proposed changes. I don't have an issue with converting some of the larger tracts to public land, but would want to see the clubs that lose leases be given first shot at picking up a new one the following year. People on...
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      Favorite non 5.56 caliber upper for Ar15

      I hunt with a Radical 300blk upper mated to a Spike's lower. Primary Arms 2.5X scope, Sig 120gr hunting ammo. Holds .75"-1" groups at 100yd. I'm very happy with it so far.
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      Bad CCW incident in Philly

      On the other hand, just because the majority of society is morally and ethically depraved doesn't mean you should be as well.
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      Non-NFA Integrally Suppressed Muzzleloader Maxim-50

      Unfortunately they also changed charge between the two shots, so not sure how much of the difference was the suppressor.
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      Why are SureFire Handgun Lights so Expensive?

      It's like comparing the LED lights they give out for free at HarborFreight to a real ($80+ name brand) flashlight. As an extra light in the garage or workshop the free one is fine; backpacking where you may need to rely on it, the one you pay for has a few advantages. Difference is, with a...
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      Marlin? Glenfield mod 60

      Fist two digits of the serial number is the date code. Nice rifle, may need the buffer replaced if it has degraded. Easy swap, just look it up to get the right part number as it changed at some point. Does it have the bolt hold open? Pull the bolt back and press it to the left (into the action)...
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      HQL is not needed for c&r eligible purchases. Also, he was asking about the class not the HQL itself. OP: There are exemptions to the class, look on the MSP website for details.
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