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    1. D

      franchi 28” semi auto

      I won a franchi real tree bronze model 41400 but I’m not seeing much online. Anyone know anything about them? Good bad or indifferent? I don’t hunt so I’m probably going to sell it but I don’t know where to start. Thanks in advance
    2. D

      Patio maintenance near westminster

      We are looking to have our patio cleaned, sealed and sand added to areas that have eroded away. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated
    3. D

      WTB - 12g slugs

      Hoping to help a friend sight in a red dot on his bull pup. Looking for a few boxes of reasonably priced slugs in Carroll county
    4. D

      CCI 22 stinger and quiet

      I have 90 stingers and 44 quiet - neither work well in blow back platforms. They should work quite well in revolvers or bolt action. Pickup in Westminster. Respond here if you want them. Brian
    5. D

      Finally got myself an AR15

      Go easy on me…….I grabbed a windham weaponry R16A4T. This is my first experience with a long gun aside from an 870 express. I can already tell this is gonna be fun and expensive. New quad rail hand guard is coming, as is a scope, light and sling. I’m thinking I’m gonna need a trigger swap...
    6. D

      Glock 23 gen 3 estimated value

      Hey all, Looking for some thoughts/input. I’ve got a low round count (less than 400) Glock 23 with recently installed truglo sights. What would you say is fair market value when listing for sale?
    7. D

      WTB: 1 box of 45 acp

      A friend of mine is turning 21 this week and he’s said the first thing he’s doing is signing up for his HQL course and then looking for a 1911. I’d like to give him a box of range loads but it’s not so easy. Looking for 1 box of reasonably priced ammo in or near Carroll county. Thanks in...
    8. D

      SAR 9 mags?

      A friend of mine bought an SAR from buds, they yanked the mags (he didn’t talk to me before buying). Online they are no where to be found. Long shot but what the heck - has anyone see any sar 9 mags in the wild, or have 1 they’d like to sell (Maryland compliant of course, unless a mutual meet...
    9. D

      Springfield xdm 10mm

      Anyone have one in the case?
    10. D

      WTB - Springfield xdm 10mm

      Hey all, lookin for a 4.5” barrel xdm 10mm Thanks Brian
    11. D

      Looking for a Glock 20

      Preferably Carroll or Baltimore County, thanks
    12. D

      10mm recommendations

      I’m looking to add a 10mm to the safe just to have it. Looking for some recommendations
    13. D

      Looking for my first AR15

      And I’m clueless, I’ve been a handgun guy all my life but the bug is biting and I’m looking to get an AR. What’s reasonable as far as cost and reliability? Thanks in advance Brian
    14. D

      Glocktober transfer

      Hey, Would you be willing to help facilitate a glocktober transfer? They say I need to send a copy of the FFL license with my signed forms. Thanks
    15. D

      Glock 32 opinions

      Good, bad or indifferent. Lets hear them please
    16. D

      Suggestions for 357 that can also shoot 38 caliber

      Or do all 357's chamber 38's? Either way, I'm hoping to stay around 5-600. Thanks in advance
    17. D

      Do you keep your magazine fully stacked

      I do, but a guy with a lot of experience was telling me not to for the fact that it will wear the spring out. First time I've heard that, not saying he's wrong, just that I've never heard it
    18. D

      Rail mount light for sigma 9mm

      Any suggestions of a good one? Its for my wifes pistol. Thanks in advance
    19. D

      Trijicon or Meprolight?

      Going on a glock 23, any pros and cons to either one?
    20. D


      Hey all, I'm Brian. I come from the greedy state off Maryland, currently I reside in Owings Mills. I've been shooting for roughly 27 years but have just now started to grow my collection. I'm kind of lucky, I taught my wife how to shoot and she concurred that we needed to amass a bigger...
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