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      Amateur Radio FAQ

      Thanks, appreciate that and the other responses.
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      Amateur Radio FAQ

      When I registered for the online test it said I could only do Technician and General could not be added for the same test session. However when I finished the test admin asked me if I wanted to take the General test. I said I thought also taking the General wasn't allowed, he said it typically...
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      Amateur Radio FAQ

      I took the an online technician test on Saturday and passed. Had some issues with Zoom not being able to recognize my laptop microphone so had to use my iPhone for the remote session. I have started to look into some starter type equipment and will probably look for a club to join, lots to learn.
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      Proposed repeal of Pittman Robertson Act - Thoughts?

      The signs at McKee Beshers public hunting area use to have a statement something like "made possible by funds from the Pittman Robertson Act." New signs were put up a year or so back and no longer have any reference to the PRA.
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      Wait time for DC CCW

      I submitted my renewal on 6/26. I checked the website today and the status is showing it as processed on 6/28. Probably just wishful thinking but maybe completing the process will be quicker now that the NY State COTUS decision came out.
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      DC law training for MD to DC training "conversion"

      George Lyon at Arsenal Attorneys. The DC legal training is a 4 hour subset from his 16 hour full training course.
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      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      When DC lost they put in place IMO the most rigorous shall issue permit requirements to make it time consuming, difficult, and expensive, but not impossible.
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      Someone tried to make a meal out of my archery target yesterday

      I've seen videos of coyotes attacking turkey decoys, don't remember seeing one go after a deer decoy though.
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      Wading boots

      Very nice offer but size 10 is too small for me. Thanks all for the responses, very helpful.
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      Wading boots

      Does anyone have any recommendations or preferences for footwear to use with waders mainly for trout fishing? Are actual wading boots really needed or can something like regular waterproof hiking boots or regular sneakers or running shoes be used?
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      Predator Hunting

      I don't know anyone that has tried it but I watched a Steve Rinella Meateater episode where he ate coyote and didn't like it much. The ones I have shot typically stink so bad I can't imagine eating it.
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      2022 Turkey Hunting Thread

      I was archery deer hunting the edge of a field last Saturday in MOCO and had a flock of about a dozen get up into roost in the woods behind me about 4:30. Depending on weather I may be out there again this Saturday, who knows maybe they will be hanging around that area again.
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      Woods planting for deer

      I have about 35 acres of woods and have spent many hours doing removal of honeysuckle to keep it under control. Neighbors have not done anything to control it and over the last 20 years or so has taken over large sections of their woods. It can keep its leaves into January and some of their...
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      Can We Talk About Tolls In Maryland?

      Heard this reported on WTOP earlier today, results of an audit of the MD toll system. The Maryland Transportation Authority, which operates toll facilities around the state, didn’t know it was overcharging motorists, a review by legislative auditors concluded. Even after billing mistakes...
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      Where are the squirrels?

      Maybe its another mass migration year. When was the last migration? One occurred in 1968 in most of the eastern U.S. The last I can find for the Mid-South was in the fall of 1998. Many drowned squirrels were reported on the shores of Bull Shoals Lake, Ark. The incidence of road kills was...
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      Trail cameras 1st time shopping

      I’ve had a Tactacam cell cam on my hunting land for about a year now and no problems. It’s on the Verizon plan, low signal in the area but it’s transmitting pix.
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      Hunter Safety Course - anything being offered by members this summer?

      Its the Bethesda Chevy Chase chapter but actually located by Poolesville.
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      Can We Talk About Tolls In Maryland?

      I have had a EZPass issued from NJ for 20 years. I received a replacement device as part of the standard battery refresh process earlier this year. I returned the old device in the prepaid envelope that was provided. Later did a drive that was taking me through PA and OH and when I got to the...
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