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    1. jaredm1

      Hiring in Hanover, PA

      We need: Quality Engineers (salaried) Manufacturing Engineers (salaried) Machinists / CNC Operators / Inspectors (hourly, union) Aerospace industry experience would be a plus. PM me for details. Salaried jobs come with excellent retirement and paid time off benefits. I'm not as familiar with...
    2. jaredm1

      New Ruger Revolvers

      GP100 in 44 special Redhawk in 357 magnum (8-shot) The 8-shot Redhawk is something I've been hoping that they would make for a while now. Should be a lot of fun. The 44...
    3. jaredm1

      WTB Beretta 391

      Sporting model in 12ga. New or used in good condition. Let me know if you've seen one around. Thanks, Jared
    4. jaredm1

      Beginning "Serious" Clay Shooting

      Ok, so I've seen some good advice and information spread around the shotgun section of the forum by blackthorne, cirlceshooter, and others, but I can't seem to find a thread that consolidates it in one place. If there is one, point me to it...I don't want to end up in the next Hitler video :)...
    5. jaredm1

      Need a Mechanical Engineer

      My company (located in Baltimore) is looking for a mechanical engineer with SolidWorks experience. Any experience level considered. Shoot me a PM for more info or to forward your resume. Edit: This position has been filled. I'll open up a new thread if I get anything else. Thanks for the interest.
    6. jaredm1

      Holster Maker Rant

      When choosing a custom holster, I look at quality, cost, style, and lead-time to make my decision. There are several makers out there now that are nearly equal on the first three, so many times it comes down to who has the fastest lead time. It seems like too often now, a company will put out...
    7. jaredm1

      Benchmade Balisong 46

      So I've had this for almost a decade. Bought it back when I was in high school as a birthday present to myself. I thought I would learn to flip it around and such, but it never happened...basically I put it in a drawer and forgot about it. Now I got to thinking about it again. I thought about...
    8. jaredm1

      Slow Motion [Home] Video

      Got this camera off of Ebay as an inexpensive point and shoot, but it can do slow motion pretty well...thought it looked cool, so I wanted to share. Here's my first time trying it out: AR15... M&P9... Feel free to criticize my form :)
    9. jaredm1

      Looking for a new job - engineering related

      Hi everyone, I'm beginning a search for a new job closer to home. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and 6 years related work experience as a mechanical design engineer. If you all have any leads on someone who could use me, let me know and I can forward a resume and references.
    10. jaredm1


      This weekend, I'm thinking of taking my wife to Annapolis...just to walk around, see some sights, and eat dinner. She's never been, and I haven't been there in a long time. Any suggestions on where to park, what to see, where to eat (casual)? I know there's supposed to be a nice harbor, and I...
    11. jaredm1

      Diagnosing Short-Stroking

      Upper is 20" A4 (Bushmaster 1:7 govt. profile barrel assembled by PK Firearms) Lower is built from Del-Ton stripped receiver and RRA LPK Started with rifle-length buffer tube/spring/weight, then switched to carbine/entry length Sully Stock (behavior is the same with either set-up, so I don't...
    12. jaredm1

      Help with M&P Front Sight Install

      Anyone have the M&P sight pusher tool laying around that I could borrow? I ordered a set of sights along with the APEX Tactical hard sear and USB for my M&P9 and was able to install everything but the front sight myself. I don't think I can knock it out with a drift or punch without marring...
    13. jaredm1

      Stock for 20" AR

      Anyone have any experience using a stock other than A2 length on a 20" bbl AR? The A2 is a bit longer than is comfortable for me. I like the idea of a collapsible stock, but I'm concerned about it being unbalanced. The Vltor Emod seems like a heavier choice that could work. I've also...
    14. jaredm1

      Cap Screw for Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard

      I saw this here and thought I'd give it a shot. #5-40 button-head cap screws are quite difficult to find at the local hardware store or Home Depot, so I had to order a 100 pack from McMaster-Carr for $15. Well, I stripped the original set screw trying to get it out, and have been...
    15. jaredm1

      Stoeger Coach Gun Issue: Light Primer Strikes

      Was shooting clays at a friend's house yesterday and getting light primer strikes on Remington multi-purpose target loads. The gun is almost new. I've put 100 rounds of Federal target loads through it (spread out over two outings) with no problems. When I switched to the Remington shells, I...
    16. jaredm1

      Hi All

      Hey Guys, I'm new here, but I've been reading this forum for the past few months or so. I didn't really grow up around guns, but my younger brother has been shooting for a while now and got me interested in owning one. I'm still new to most of this though. I bought my first last...
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