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      HB 1021

      Can someone explain to me the email I just got from MSI which briefly reviews all of the current gun bills in the GA. In it's discussion about HB 1021 ( a horrible bill that needs to be defeated) the email says that the storage regulations would also affect FFL03's. I don't understand where that...
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      Stripped AR 15 lower to pistol

      My plan is to buy a stripped lower and a pistol buffer and tube. I'll build it into a pistol lower. Then I'll take photos of it to document that it started life as a pistol lower. I'll then replace the buffer tube with a rifle tube and build a rifle. Do I need to do anything else to preserve my...
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      Air travel with parts

      Ok, I've read the TSA rules on air travel with firearms and I'm still confused. I want to travel with some empty magazines in my checked bags. No gun, no ammo, just empty magazines. I know that "parts" can not be in carry on bags but do I have to declare the magazines since I have no gun and no...
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      Help me navigate the handgun roster

      OK, so I found a used S&W 629 Competitor (44 Magnum). After getting all excited, I got to thinking and looked on the Handgun Roster list. It has many different Model 629's on it but I don't explicitly see the "Competitor". Is it OK because it is a Model 629, or does it have to explicitly say...
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      Getting a new caliber on the handgun roster list

      Ruger just came out with a 22LR version of their GP100 revolver. This has caused me to do something that I said I wouldn't do - apply for my HQL. However, even with the HQL, the handgun still has to be on the roster in order for me to buy it. Since the GP100 is already on the list in 357 mag...
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      Getting cosmoline out of a stock

      Sorry for the newb question but I need a little help. I have read many different threads about how to get the cosmo out of wood. The one that I liked involved wrapping it in paper towels, putting it in a bag and setting it in the car window. Only one problem - it's November! I glanced at the...
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      Quickload 3.9

      Anybody know what powders were added to the 3.9 version?
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      Received ATF packet but no license

      I applied for my C&R 03 license about a month ago. A week ago, I received a packet from ATF with a lot of information in it, but no license. It's my understanding that they mail the license separately. Is this normal to take this long? Any thoughts on how long I should wait to call them to see...
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      Just checkin'

      I just applied for my C&R license and although I have done my research, this is Maryland after all, so I have a few questions. Yes, I have read the FAQ thread, but I want to be sure of a couple of things. As I understand the situation, I do not need a HQL to purchase C&R weapons, regardless...
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      Handgun Roster question

      Does anyone know the boards current stance on adding new handguns to the list that do not come with magazines less than 11 rounds? It doesn't look like they have purged the list of existing entries that fit that bill. I really have my eye on a Sig P320 but its not on the list and you can't get...
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      Hbar stock

      Sorry if this has been covered but I can't get the search function to work on my tablet. Does a Hbar have to have a fixed stock or is it OK to have a heavy barrel with a collapsable stock? I know at least one FFL who told me it had to be fixed but I can't find that written anywhere. If there...
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      450 Bushmaster upper

      I screwed up and didn't by a lower before Oct 1. Well, that and my gun budget was pretty much exhausted by then! I really want a 450 Bushmaster. It would be a nice compliment to my 460 S&W Magnum revolver. I know this is a grey area but some FFLs are selling piston rifles. If I buy one then put...
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      Magnetic military pull down bullets

      I found a good deal on some 308 pulldown bullets. Some ranges don't allow magnetic bullets. I couldn't find anything in the range rules about it. Does anyone know if AGC will allow their use?
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      SKS with detachable mag

      OK, yes, I have read SB281 and yes I have done a search on this site. But... I'm still confused. I bought a standard Yugo SKS over the counter a couple years ago. I would like to add a new stock and detchable mag to it. I know those will be banned after 10/1. I can get the stock and new mags...
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      I dont want to hear your complaining about SB281

      ....unless you are registered to vote! OMG, the recent email from MSI said 40% of the people contacting one of the representatives by email were not even registered to vote! We cant vote the bums out if you are not registered! If you are not registered and are eligible, then go here...
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