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    1. tallen702

      CJIS Report ???

      You could also just walk into any livescan fingerprinting location (Bithgroup, American Identity Solutions, etc.) pay the fee, and tell them you want to run a CJIS check on yourself and get the results. FWIW, we've been getting CJIS checks returned in 24-48 hours at my work lately.
    2. tallen702

      Anschutz Wehrsportkarabiner 4mm Lang Trainer

      Holy cow, that's a beautiful weapon! Also, don't drop that box of ammo! You'll never find it all!
    3. tallen702

      Greetings from Normandy:

      That jives with what I've heard from other first-hand folks. I had the fantastic luck to be able to talk with Chuck Yeager a bit about his experience flying over Europe. He was shot down in '44 and evaded with the help of the maquis. He said that by that time, they were highly efficient and well...
    4. tallen702

      Greetings from Normandy:

      So, part of the problem with the resistance is that they pretty much didn't exist in any significance until much later in the war. Sure, there was some partisan resistance at the beginning, but the reality is that much of France really didn't mind the German occupation or the Vichy government...
    5. tallen702

      Lying Joe M

      Correct. Mind you, the number of grammatical errors in the "article" your comment was referring to should have been a good sign of its merit even before the vague "Americans" line at the end. Seems to me that some members of the board have a difficult time understanding that WV isn't really...
    6. tallen702

      Lying Joe M

      100% this. The people who keep him in his seat in the senate are old-school UMWA Democrats who hate modern liberals but are so indoctrinated by their time in the union that they won't ever vote for a Republican. His days are numbered and he will be out of the senate when the old timers die off.
    7. tallen702

      Canaan Valley/Mathias area

      Yep, not much has changed other than the ABC got out of the consumer sales end of things back in the late 80s or early 90s. The area around Canaan/Davis/Thomas has been booming the past decade or so. To the point that prices doubled or tripled in Davis and Thomas the past three years or so. Many...
    8. tallen702

      4-Day Deep Creek vacay: Where to eat?

      We wound up hitting up Dutch's and Firewater while we were there as well as Casselman Bakery and Arrowhead Market. Dutch's: I had a very good NY strip. It was pricey but worth it based on the size of the steak and the quality. Pricing on some of the fish dishes was very high in my opinion...
    9. tallen702

      4-Day Deep Creek vacay: Where to eat?

      Thanks, everyone! We were supposed to leave today, but the kiddo got hit with a case of strep throat and we're giving the azithromycin 24 hours to kick in before we head on over. Luckily, the doc didn't think it was Covid and there were clear signs of strep (and no cough or other Covid...
    10. tallen702

      4-Day Deep Creek vacay: Where to eat?

      We're heading out for Deep Creek tomorrow to check in for a 4-day rental before heading on over to Pittsburgh for my cousin's wedding up in Cranberry Twp. I've only stayed in the vicinity once before and that was for a family reunion where we stayed and cooked at the house for a long weekend...
    11. tallen702

      Greetings from Normandy:

      You're correct in how everything in the movies is sanitized by quite a bit. That's why Saving Private Ryan was noted by many vets as being the closest thing to real action that Hollywood had ever produced when it hit the big screen back in the late 1990s. Even then, a lot of stuff has been...
    12. tallen702

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Yep, modulars are pretty easy to do out in the countryside. All you need is for someone to pour a pad and put in utilities. The modular guys truck in the pieces and put it together. No GC really needed after that. You see a lot of them the further away from the bigger cities/towns you get.
    13. tallen702

      Anyone had it with Capito?

      She funnels money into the state on a scale that would put Bob Byrd to shame if he were still alive, has improved the business and technology infrastructure in the state beyond what anyone else has done, and has quietly gained enough power in congress to steer things to benefit her constituents...
    14. tallen702

      Greetings from Normandy:

      Foggy and rainy day yesterday at Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest). Back in the states again after a 9 hour flight. Won't get to DC until late tonight though. I'll go back and edit my posts with some more details about the pictures later this weekend. I was posting and typing from a phone the past...
    15. tallen702

      New to me 1943 Lee Enfield No 4 Mk 1

      Nice! Now you need one from Canada, Australia, and a US marked Savage.
    16. tallen702

      Greetings from Normandy:

      Dachau. The 283rd FAB was attached to the 42nd Division where they assisted in the liberation and documentation of the camp. My grandfather flew over it in the spotter plane just prior to the liberation and the pilot and he reported what they had seen to HQ. Edit: I didn't want to take many...
    17. tallen702

      Greetings from Normandy:

      Nuremberg "Hall of Justice" where the Nazi war criminals were tried and sentenced.
    18. tallen702

      Greetings from Normandy:

      Nuremberg SS HQ. It was the 2nd Armored Cavalry HQ until the end of the Cold War. Now it's used to house displaced persons and war refugees.
    19. tallen702

      Greetings from Normandy:

      Nuremberg, zeppelin field/ parade grounds. This is where the Nazis held their rallies. It's been used a a race track and sporting field since the end of the war. Efforts are underway to preserve the remaining structures and reopen the entrance hall to the main seating area.
    20. tallen702

      Any recommendations for a roofing and gutter repair contractor/handyman that will do work near Rockville?

      We had a really good experience with Eastern Exteriors out of Ijamsville.
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