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    1. whistlersmother

      Firearms Policy Coalition Challenges NY's "Assault Weapons" Ban - Vanchoff v. James

      And that right there is why politicians can ignore the court.
    2. whistlersmother

      Still requiring references?

      Not even to intimidate. Right now, even if I had the training, I could not apply because I don't have 3 references. Being used, either purposely or inadvertently, to screen out introverts and socially distant people. (Not to mention curmudgeonly hermits.)
    3. whistlersmother

      Still requiring references?

      Starting to sound like enough of us to start a class action against MSP.
    4. whistlersmother

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      So the council knows its unconstitutional but want to look like they are safe-guarding the sheeple. And the sheeple don't understand its unconstitutional because they've not read NYSRPA. The sheeple only know that W&C permits are going through the roof and want a law to protect them from...
    5. whistlersmother

      Filled the Italian hole in my WWII collection

      Now you need the 7.35mm chambered version.
    6. whistlersmother

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      Draconian towards unconstitutional laws, perhaps. Foolish only in a tyrant's mind.
    7. whistlersmother

      Unfinished kits - is destruction an alternative?

      Yes, the red thing is a plug/tester. I would actually use two. And mount a screw cap/adapter at one end. That end also gets an "inside plug/tester" so that the contents can be accessed without cutting the pipe.
    8. whistlersmother

      CA announces that Gun Mfgrs can be sued for misuse of their product…

      Firearm and ammo makers just need to stop selling into CA and NY law enforcement agencies. Decertify their armourers. Stop selling parts.
    9. whistlersmother

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      I am STILL confused. How can a PMF be engraved to avoid registering with MSP? Is there a cut-off date for such engraving to happen?
    10. whistlersmother

      Still requiring references?

      Got it. Doc with the amazing hair. What's the number? 867-5301?
    11. whistlersmother

      Still requiring references?

      No one knows me and I like it like that. I would be very hard pressed to fine one reference, let alone three.
    12. whistlersmother

      NFA challenged United States v Hoover

      This being a criminal case, maybe make it get to SCOTUS a lot faster than a civil suit.
    13. whistlersmother

      Still requiring references?

      And JosephIV
    14. whistlersmother

      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      I dunno. Open carry only with all businesses/stores by default a sensitive place? Sounds like a recipe to temporarily thumb MGA's thumb at SCOTUS.
    15. whistlersmother

      jeff g, In Memoriam in perpetuum

      I was hoping she was Stacy's mom also.
    16. whistlersmother

      Trying to be removed from this group

      Depends if she's hot.
    17. whistlersmother

      Trying to be removed from this group

      Well, we're getting closer to another Jeff G sighting. His mother showed up. How long before he does?
    18. whistlersmother

      Hogan Addresses G and S!!!

      I would be hard pressed to have one reference, let alone three. Perhaps I should submit without any references, then I'd have standing if denied?
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