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    1. arbud

      Wanted WTB 40S&W 180gr

      Just some practice ammo, ae, fiocchi, winchester, you get the picture 180gr please. FMJ fine. I know there are ads up for this but I do not want to travel very far from Towson and I dont need any more then I am asking for. Let me know. Bud
    2. BNIB Rossi R92 16" 44mag lever rifle

      Reply to question by 'arbud' on the classified ad 'BNIB Rossi R92 16" 44mag lever rifle'

      Hey Gordon how are you. I love it but I have 2 exact ones. Have shot one and it was great. Especially with 44 special. Just do not need 2. Really just picked it up at Bluefins 3 weeks ago. Hope you are well also
    3. BNIB Rossi R92 16" 44mag lever rifle

      For sale BNIB Rossi R92 16" 44mag lever rifle

      Bought new by me 3 weeks ago. Comes with box and everything that came with it. Will throw in 6 240gr hollow point 44 mag rounds. The buttstock is gorgeous, great graining which you can not see in the pics. Not the same as the older bland stocks. 640.00 is as low as I can go
    4. 160 rounds 230gr 45acp

      For sale 160 rounds 230gr 45acp

      100 rounds (2 50round boxes) Federal HST 230gr hp the good stuff. 60 rounds in plastic bag Federal 230gr fmj. Can meet during day. 135.00 for all
    5. 2 types 45acp 230gr

      For sale 2 types 45acp 230gr

      2 50 round boxes Federal 45acp hp HST 230gr. Considered the best self defense 45 round. in original boxes and 4 weeks old 60 rounds Federal 45acp 230gr fmj in a plastic bag about a year old. Meet close to Towson please.
    6. Wts 2011 Jaguar xf base w/issues

      For sale Wts 2011 Jaguar xf base w/issues

      Blown headgasket caused antifreeze To mix with oil Will not start. To my knowledge no metal damage inside. New engine from jaguar 32 000. Rebuilt 6-10,000. Rebuild yourself ?. Just before engine problem happened, car was hit and runned. About 1200.00 worth of damage to front right fender and...
    7. Hi Point 4595ts and ammo

      For sale Hi Point 4595ts and ammo

      Brand new in box never fired. Comes with original box, threaded barrel, one 9 round mag instruction book and little tool. oh and also a hi point folding front hand guard and sling. Ammo consists of 100 rounds Federal 230 gr HST hp brand new in boxes. Also a 60 round mix of Winchester 230gr fmj...
    8. Samsung Video Pack Digital

      For sale Samsung Video Pack Digital

      About 4 years old came with our TV Never have figured out how to use it. Comes with a cord and 10 movies in it. Do not no what they are. Model HX-ATF10EL/G2. Like I said as new never used.
    9. Various 44sp and 44mag ammo

      For sale Various 44sp and 44mag ammo

      All in original boxes and NO shipping charge for this heavy ammo. All bought by me within the last month except the last one. 26 rounds Hornady 44sp 165gr FTX. Cant even feel it when shooting in a lever gun. 19.00 40 rounds Underwood 44sp. 200gr hard cast wadcutter. Nice stuff. 44.00 18 rounds...
    10. 60 IMI systems 556x45 ammo

      For sale 60 IMI systems 556x45 ammo

      Come 30 to an un opened new box. 2 boxes.
    11. 100 rounds 556x45 fmj ammo

      For sale 100 rounds 556x45 fmj ammo

      80 rounds Federal Indepedence fmj in boxes. 20 rounds S&B 223 fmj in a plastic bag. 30.00 for all. Must meet during day north of Baltimore west of York rd.
    12. Kel tec SU16 C REDUCED

      For sale Kel tec SU16 C REDUCED

      Stock folds under making it quite short and can be fired like that. Less then 50 rounds through. One year old. Built it bipod. Takes ar 30 round mags. If looking for one of these perfect back pack or home defense rifles, you know you cant find them. Comes with unoriginal box, 10 round keltec...
    13. 2 Honeywell Ear protectors

      For sale 2 Honeywell Ear protectors

      2 pairs exact same kind. Never used. Sell both for 25.00.
    14. KAK Blast can

      For sale KAK Blast can

      Fits an AR or any rifle with 1/2x28 threads. Used to make the blast sound go forward so as not to deafen you if fired inside. Brand new. No box. Picture shows it on end of my rifle.
    15. 3 Mens Hats

      For sale 3 Mens Hats

      1rst hat is a black felt fur fedora with 2.5 inch brim with black ribbon. Worn 2 times. Made for me by hippadrome hatters a few years ago where ray lewis had his Hats made. Humphrey Bogart style Comes with original big box and sizer thing inside to keep its shape. Size 7 3/8 Paid 200 for it...
    16. arbud

      Wanted WTB 44special ammo

      just for practice with the 44 mag lever rifle I hope to get someday. May use in a 44special revolver too
    17. Like new Kel-Tec SU16 Charlie

      For sale Like new Kel-Tec SU16 Charlie

      Comes with an unoriginal box 1 Keltec 10 round mag. Will use ar 30 rounders no problem. Shoots 223/556.Perfect truck or backpack gun. Also comes with a KTK flash can I screwed on to threaded barrel to try to reduce noise if fired indoors. Super easy to take down to clean which it is. So all of...
    18. arbud

      Wtb 44mag ammo

      Thank you for turning me on to the ad and no I do not do handloads thankyou anyway
    19. arbud

      Wtb 44mag ammo

      Saving up for 44mag lever gun. Looking specifally for 240gr home defense load and a hardcast flatnose load for bears.
    20. arbud

      For sale CSSPECS 8 round 12ga AK type Mag

      Fits most Chinese and Turkish 12ga ak type shotguns. Every bit as good as a Saiga mag. Made of metal. I received it 2 weeks ago and it has never been used. Have a picture if needed. Pick up near Towson or ship for 5.00 more
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