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      Here's the problem with Employer references

      I'm lucky. My new company owns a hunting lease in Texas where we take clients. I would say at least 80 percent of the staff have guns.
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      Maryland CCW Application via MDSP Portal

      How long is the 16 hour training valid before I submit an application? I might do the training now and wait to submit unless there is a time limit on the expiration of the training.
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      HB 1021

      Thanks for the link. I did notice that the bill does not have definitions. I now understand the thought process but personally believe that even if passed as written, the state would be hard pressed to convict a FFL03 for being a licensed dealer when ATF explicitly says it is not a license to...
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      HB 1021

      Can someone explain to me the email I just got from MSI which briefly reviews all of the current gun bills in the GA. In it's discussion about HB 1021 ( a horrible bill that needs to be defeated) the email says that the storage regulations would also affect FFL03's. I don't understand where that...
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      Question about pistol build legality

      Ok, so now I have a question. I understand that you do not, per ATF, need a serial number to sell an 80 percent that you have built, but, does it need a serial number in order for you to buy it in the utopia of Maryland? How does the handgun roster come into play? Thanks
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      I had a pair of Red Wings with a Vibram sole last for 25 years. I probably walked at least 2000 miles in them.
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      HB0004 Rifles and Shotguns - Secondary Transactions

      NewTwo, knovotny, and all of the others who had feet on the ground. I truly appreciate what you have done. For me to be there would have cost me my job. Instead, I chose to support MSI with a several hundred dollar donation to help fight the battle. But, I am a bit taken aback by some of the...
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      HB0004 Rifles and Shotguns - Secondary Transactions

      Sent a message to the govenor. Thanks for the link.
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      HB0004 Rifles and Shotguns - Secondary Transactions

      Well, I prefer not to lose my right to own firearms, go to jail, and get my girlfriend arrested, simply because I went to work. This is way beyond BS. And, as I understand this, it only applies to long guns and doesn't affect my handguns at all. Very stupid.
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      HB0004 Rifles and Shotguns - Secondary Transactions

      This scares the crap out of me. My girlfriend and I have lived together for about 10 years but we are not married. I keep my guns locked but she knows where the keys are. What does this bill mean to me? What happens when she is home but I am not? I am an 03FFL but I don't think that means...
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      HB35 - Public Safety - Firearm Telematics - Study

      The entire pretext of this bill is insane. People don't understand GPS. There is no such thing as a GPS transmitter, only GPS receivers. The GPS receiver logs your location, but you must have a cell phone data transmitter to send your location to some central tracking location. GPS receivers...
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      odd issue with 300 BO

      A couple things. Go to to learn which brass to use, or not use. Second, get rid of the Lee dies for 300 BLK. I use several Lee dies but many people have had issues with their 300 BLK dies. I use Hornady and they work great. Third, do...
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      Winclean powder

      No, the load data is not interchangeable. Please always use proper reloading protocols. I have not had much luck finding accurate loads with W244. I might just dump the remainder of what I have in the garden.
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      Locked and Loaded

      When you make a threat against a random person, in order to be prosecuted, it has to be proven that you have the means and the intent to carry out your threat. The law is different for the president. Merely making any threat against the president is a felony, whether you have the means, or...
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      Baltimore sets 10 min response time for Emergency Calls

      I used to do a lot of work for emergency service centers in another state. Their stated goal was 4 minutes response time. They didn't always achieve it, but they were almost never more than 6 minutes out.
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      Quick Load

      I love Quickload, but remember, garbage in equals garbage out. You must take precise measurements of YOUR components. The program is preloaded with many brand's of bullets and case capacities. Do not rely on that! Measure your own. When measuring case water capacity, it makes a difference if...
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      What is the penalty for failure to register regulated firearm?

      When someone moves here (post 2013), does it make any difference, in terms of whether a handgun has to be registered, if the gun is over 50 years old (C&R) ?
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      Need help with a trespassing situation

      Your property description is in your deed. Since this is a platted subdivision, then it will say something like Lot One, Bosley Property and then it will reference the book and page number for that plat. What you are looking for in your deed is a description of the use of the private road. A...
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      REAL TIME Gun Bill Day Thread 2.25.19

      With 3000 people signed up to testify, does anyone there have a sense of what percentage are pro 2a? Thank you for all who did show up. I couldn't make it. MSI will have to settle for my money.
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      Guns in the 2019 session

      I dont do social media and will never do it. My private life is my private life. I barely post on this board in that it makes me nervous even doing this. I do what i can to support the cause. I donated $200 to MSI yesterday. I sent email to 5 people I know who are gun owners but dont really...
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