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    1. ObsceneJesster

      Fair price for 7.62

      Just checking to see what a fair price for a Wolf 700 round spam can?
    2. ObsceneJesster

      What is a fair price for this scope?

      I put up a scope for sale and I just wanted to get some opinions on what would be a fair price. It’s a SWFA 1x6 Tactical and I’m selling it along with the ADM Recon mount. Both are in like new/mint condition without a single blemish. The scope and mount were mounted on a safe queen...
    3. ObsceneJesster

      Rainier MEDCON accuracy (range trip)

      I finally got to take out my most recent build and sight it in. Some would say it's a RECCE but I like to call it the "Jack of all Trades, Master of None". Pertinent information: Distance = 100 yards Wind = 5mph Ammo = Federal M193 Barrel = 16" Rainier MEDCON Select Trigger = ALG...
    4. ObsceneJesster

      **Late night boredom** What parts or accessories do you store in your AR stock or pis

      I was just wondering what spare parts and or accessories do you store in your AR stocks and/or grips? Do you store them for range use or SHTF? Here's what I store in mine. In the EMOD stock, I keep 2 spare Lithium 123A Cells for the Elzetta light mounted to the rifle. A 5 ounce tube of Weapon...
    5. ObsceneJesster

      Almost done....Need Suggestions

      I'm almost done my first RECCE build or what I like to call them (Jack of All Trades. Master of None). Before it's finished, I need to figure out which Bi-Pod I'd like to use. I've been eyeing up the Atlas but I have never used one and they are a good chunk of change. Are they worth the...
    6. ObsceneJesster

      Just picked up my Cerakote job from Bob and Brandy

      Just wanted to share some pictures of a Cerakote job the Bollinger's did. It turned out better than I thought and the turn around time was only 3 days. SAM_0787 by ObsceneJesster, on Flickr SAM_0783 by ObsceneJesster, on Flickr
    7. ObsceneJesster

      Good 7.62x39 (Get it while you can)

      I don't think 7.62x39 is going to disappear off the map but I do think the better lots of it will. This is the Romanian made Lacquer Coated Red Army stuff that has sealed primers and sealed case mouths which make it water proof and great for storing. This isn't the normal Red Army stuff...
    8. ObsceneJesster

      Biathlon Rifles

      Anyone know anything about them? I know they are .22 LR but what kind of sights are they using? Are they using optics or irons? Also, do they all come from the same manufacture or are there a few manufactures that make them? What's the average cost? I don't know how big the target is...
    9. ObsceneJesster

      BCM's new M4 Upper

      This was posted by a distributor over in another forum. I'd imagine if Paul felt the need to do this, there's a substantial problem with out of spec uppers and poor QC. These words are from the distributor over in another forum: The good folks at BCM were kind enough to send me a sample of...
    10. ObsceneJesster

      New Flash/Comp on the market

      Precision Armament just released a new Compensator/Flash Supressor. They definitely knocked off off KAC Triple Tap but for those who don't want to spend over $300 on a muzzle device, you probably weren't going to buy it anyway. So far this thing is getting great reviews. Everyone that's...
    11. ObsceneJesster

      GUNSTRUCTION (Build your AR before you actually buy it)

      There is a website that uses 3D rendering that allows you to design your AR (very easily) before you buy it so you can get an idea on how it's going to look. It has a ton of real parts from real manufactures and you pretty much just drag and drop them. They obviously won't have every part...
    12. ObsceneJesster

      Bill Geissele 's latest creation

      For anyone who is interested in a nice modular handguard, ALG just released one. If value and quality is your biggest priority then you can probably stop looking right now. I don't own one yet but I'm definitely contemplating it for a build in the future. The rails price starts at $135 Here...
    13. ObsceneJesster

      AR-10 Upper Recommendations for my new Billet Lower

      I'm new to the AR-10 platform but have a good amount of experience with AR-15's. I just got a Billet Lower from another MD Shooters member so I'm now in the process of looking for a complete upper. I'm not against building my own so if you have recommendations on parts, feel free to let me know...
    14. ObsceneJesster

      BCM Video from Shot Show (must see products)

      Here is a video showing off some of the new products BCM will be releasing to the market in the next couple months. This is Game Changing.
    15. ObsceneJesster

      Which "rifles" will be banned?

      Supposedly there are some loose ends that need to be tied up and they will be adding a handful of rifle models to the banned list. If you ever think you're going to want an AR-10, you better go get at least the lower in the very near future.
    16. ObsceneJesster

      KAC URX 3.1 install

      Has anyone ever installed a KAC URX? If so, do you have the shim/tool required to do the install? Sent with a Gen 2 Nexus 7
    17. ObsceneJesster

      You pick the stock for my next build (Late Night Boredom)

      As the title says, you guys pick the stock for my next build. I've narrowed it down to 3 that would work best with my RECCE build I'm currently working on. At 12am on January 7th, I will count the votes and whichever has the most will go on my next build. I'm just doing this because I can't...
    18. ObsceneJesster

      Can you ID this rail?

      Just wondering what rail this is. I'm in search of one for a current build. Thank you
    19. ObsceneJesster

      Anyone know of a local shop that will apply Ion Bond?

      Does anyone know of anyone local that will Ion Bond a SS barrel?
    20. ObsceneJesster

      BCM 's new ultra light rifles

      BCM will be releasing a new barrel profile along with their new rail. The picture below is their new 13" rail with their new 14.5" fluted barrel and the entire rifle weight comes in at just under 6 pounds. If you used their 10" rail, it would come in at just under 5 pounds. They will also be...
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