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    1. Bountied

      Angled Foregrip or not?

      If you look at it like an HBAR that has to marked or marketed as such I'd avoid this due to the fact it's not listed as an angled foregrip anywhere on the page. You could probably argue in your favor but it would be a lot easier if it was marketed as an AFG.
    2. Bountied

      Squaregrouper's SHTF Water Info Thread

      Sure it's possible, but I wouldn't. Kids pee in the pool.
    3. Bountied

      Pre-Season Hunting Chores -- Share Your Approach

      I tighten the chain on my permanent stand a week before opening day, then I show up with my gun and wait. Pretty easy.
    4. Bountied

      Varmint optic

      Limiting yourself on magnification because you don't think you'll need it is not the right approach. 5X is low and then you can go up to 25X. The only issue I see is weight/size if that's a consideration.
    5. Bountied

      Baltimore Custom Guns permanently closed

      I'd say it must be pretty close based on how people here are keeping it quiet.
    6. Bountied

      Baltimore Custom Guns permanently closed

      Google, there is a Reddit thread that's pretty spicy.
    7. Bountied

      Straight Wall Cartridges for Deer

      I'll be using my .50 Beowulf this year. I'm still waiting for the suppressor for the AR I'll be using.
    8. Bountied

      Found The Forum

      ScottW and JEffG are in cahoots.
    9. Bountied

      300 HAM’R

      I like the 220gr subs in my 10.5" 300BLK with the Rugged 45, it's really quiet. I can't reload for 300BLK right now but the 150gr sub sounds interesting.
    10. Bountied

      Question by 'Bountied' on classified ad 'Remington 700 SA .308 (action only preferred)'

      Check out Brownells they sell 700 actions. They may all be barreled though.
    11. Bountied

      Wear and carry course disappointment.

      I guess it depends on the state of the pistol. If the slide is locked back the mag release is faster, if the slide is closed and you insert a new mag you have to manipulate the slide. I'm guessing maybe he's referring to the pinch method like a slingshot, thumb and pointer vs. the reverse palm...
    12. Bountied

      Wear and carry course disappointment.

      You're not a fan of the slingshot? I always used to use the mag release but I was told it can wear down from rubbing, so the slingshot method was better to prevent that. Either way works for me.
    13. Bountied

      Wear and carry course disappointment.

      I went to a pistol training class on the Eastern Shore a while back. They were based out of Salisbury. There were only 3 of us so it was pretty small. It was me another guy who could shoot and a woman trying to get her concealed carry permit. I was just going for some formal pistol training. We...
    14. Bountied

      current ATF wait time

      Form 4 check cashed 6/30/21 got the call yesterday.
    15. Bountied

      MD Residents at Delaware Ranges with Semi-Automatics?

      What is their definition of an assault weapon? Any weapon used to assault someone else? If I use a pencil to stab someone in the neck I just converted a writing implement into an implement of murder, or an "assault weapon". Freaking libs.
    16. Bountied

      Budget AR platform 308 suggestions

      Truer words have never been spoken.
    17. Bountied

      Concealed Carry Glock?

      You made it to the water cooler! Congrats!
    18. Bountied

      Concealed Carry Glock?

      Not an insert per se but the mags are metal with polymer around them. I guess the mag catch cut out is just plastic in that area.
    19. Bountied

      Concealed Carry Glock?

      Don't Glock mags have metal imbedded in them where the mag cut is.
    20. Bountied

      Budget AR platform 308 suggestions

      I really like my M&P10, I free floated the handguard, added a Magpul stock, and a CMC flat trigger. I really like the ambi controls and it's plenty accurate. I think I paid around $1k for it and it was worth it.
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