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    1. PIT BULL

      Annapolis Harley

      I thought it looked like it was permanently closed yesterday morning when I passed by it on Rt.50 early yesterday morning. Even though I live closer to All American HD, I preferred dealing with Annapolis HD.
    2. PIT BULL

      Large, light weight fixed blade?

      Take a look at a Chris Reeve Pacific.
    3. PIT BULL

      Geisselle Triggers / free shipping

      Unfortunately, the SSA are sold out. That is a good price for a great trigger. I have used them in my last 2 builds.
    4. PIT BULL

      What gunstores with regular hours are

      There is J2 in Prince Frederick in the industrial park off of Rt. 231. However, they are open Tuesday through Saturday.
    5. PIT BULL

      Looking for MD FFL to ship handgun to CA FFL

      Not sure what county you are in. So here is a choice for each county. All Pawn in Whites Plains or J2 in Prince Frederick or JMJ in Mechanicsville.
    6. PIT BULL

      Issues Getting In Contact with Gym Ratz

      To be embarrassed, one would have to have integrity, morals and values. These are traits he apparently does not have.
    7. PIT BULL

      Issues Getting In Contact with Gym Ratz

      I bet Brian Frosh's office would love to investigate any wrong doings by GR.
    8. PIT BULL

      Issues Getting In Contact with Gym Ratz

      With the owner's mommy and daddy.
    9. PIT BULL

      Revolver recommendation

      Take a look at the S&W 60 Ladysmith. Another option would be a S&W 66 or 686. My wife loves my 66 and shoots it very well.
    10. PIT BULL


      I will be in tomorrow morning for the 686.
    11. PIT BULL

      Over 25 Guns Stolen in St.Mary's County

      Did they fill out an ATF Form 4473?
    12. PIT BULL

      Headlamp Light Color

      I use a Streamlight Stylus with green light, hooked to my hat. I also use 1"x1" square pieces of old signs and mark my way with them, to my stands. Both ways, in and out.
    13. PIT BULL

      DE Gun Shops To Avoid?

      Avoid Delmarva Law Enforcement Supply in Dagsboro Delaware. Prices are high and the owner is very pompous and arrogant. As mentioned previously. Steele's and Lighthouse are good places to deal with. Another nice small shop is Gunshooter Enterprises in Millsboro Delaware. Very nice and...
    14. PIT BULL

      My very good friend passed this evening

      REST IN PEACE Brian. My thoughts and Prayers to the Buck family.
    15. PIT BULL

      Any IP with S&W 686

      You just can't go wrong with a S&W revolver.
    16. PIT BULL

      Hello All! New To This Forum!

    17. PIT BULL

      Baltimore Sun Concealed Carry Poll

      That's the Dems do it. Beat them at their own game.
    18. PIT BULL

      Need Opinions

      Leave it as it is.
    19. PIT BULL

      If the SHTF and you could only...

      + 1
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