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    1. J

      Value on Walter P-38 WWII proofed

      A coworker has 2 P-38 for sale what's a fair price to offer? Both are non-matching. 1. AC43 eagle359 proofed. Barrel and frame match. Slide does not. Been reblued vg over all. 2.AC42 eagle359 proofed. Frame and slide match barrel does not. Finish is overall.
    2. J

      Botach 10% off

      Presidents Day Sale 10% OFF All Products. Use " PDS2022 " As Your Coupon Code At Checkout.
    3. J

      Trail cameras 1st time shopping

      What Trail cameras should I get dont want to spend much$$. I need one for behind the house and for 20 miles away. Thanks
    4. J

      Lanten flys

      Looks like a bumper crop of those nasty things. Last year saw under 10 of them at home Cecil/Newark border. This seeing lots of the nymphs. Using 7 dust but going to get salt gun like on you tube. Work - Wilmington DE had lots last year.
    5. J

      snap caps

      I was told that snap cap are just for dry firing not for cycling. Is this correct.
    6. J

      Winchester 94 1966 centennial feed problem

      Just got a Winchester 94 1966 centennial from a coworker who never fired it. I believe him, plus he has a 1957. Problem is some of my reloads wont active the lever safety. The only thing I can see is the OAL might be short right at the top of cannal. The ones at the middle of cannal fired fine...
    7. J

      Levi Strauss & Co.

      So how do we feel about Levi Strauss & Co. I needed a new denim jacket not one of theirs.
    8. J

      PSA AR 10 FTF

      Just got a PSA lower GEN2 and PSA upper.The upper is PSA GEN2 PA10 20" RIFLE LENGTH 7.62 NATO 1:12 CHF. The mags are promag 20rnd. Ammo,is Assie surplus and German surplus. The problem is 1 out 5 rounds being jammed into the feed ramp or chamber not which . The rounds are either getting a v...
    9. J

      Century c308

      I see that that Century c308 is not a banned rifle does that mean that I could cash and carry from Delaware?
    10. J

      1st 10mm reload bullets were keyholing

      The bullets 180 grain plated Berry, the gun Glock 20 ,the powder wasLongshot 7.5 and 8 and 8.5 gr. I used a light crimp. Shot 10 of each all keyholed. No point in shooting more. The Berry are .401 dia. And I checked and they seem to be.401. I have shot magtech 180 they shoot fine. Should I put...
    11. J

      Shooting all your guns in one year

      Trying to shoot all my guns this year not doing very well maybe 15%
    12. J

      Walmart internet won't concects to gun sites

      Getting tires changed at Walmart try to log into Maryland Shooters and glocktalk the internet says prohibited websites
    13. J

      Lee turent press autoprime

      Just got a Lee turrent press does any one find the primering system hard to use/pia. Is there better way.I had a Dillon 550 30yrs ago but lent it to a"friend" Wish I had it back.
    14. J

      Why are chihuahuas 10ft tall and bullet proof

      Just to had stop my great pyrenees 85bls (nicest dog) from eating my wife chihuahu (jerk dog) because it attack her while she was eating.
    15. J

      Buying a new gun and having special lock

      I was just told that by a gun store in Kent Co..Any new gun needed a lock that went from the barrel to the chamber and it was only needed for the 1st trip home. This is not the loop lock that ruger gives. I have never heard that before. I did not need to buy one because mine was a used...
    16. J good sale

      Saw this on glocktalk Got .40 bullets at .06 Ended up with a 300$ order
    17. J

      Open carry in Delaware

      Open carry in Delaware is legal I believe but you dont see it much.That being said I saw it in the Acme in Newark today. There use to be a old guy who worked in a hardware store who always did. With a non resident ccw you can carry in DE.
    18. J

      Non -resident ccw permits

      If you have a FL non -resident permit is there any reason to get a 2nd as long as you dont carry in PA DE is covered.
    19. J

      new member cecil county

      New member want to find out about the new Ruger EC9s. It the the discount LC9c.
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