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    1. racinghoss

      Ride to end Juvenile Diabeties

      Is this an organized group ride (riding in a large group all at once), or can you go at your own pace?
    2. racinghoss

      security guard jobs feeler

      Get your ducks in a row, then ask for workers. Put your horse before the cart.
    3. racinghoss

      New 7mm Rem Mag questions

      It will not fire other cartridges, even though it is very similar to 30.06 and that whole family of cartridges. It is a flat shooting round. Good power, and you can get bullets for it from 95gr to 175gr (bullet weight). I own one, and it has been my rifle of choice for large game (moose...
    4. racinghoss

      Alone in the Wilderness

      If you guys like this, then check out a book called "The Final Frontiersman". It is about Heimo Korth, a fella from Wisconsin who moved to the Alaskan bush and raised a family in similar conditions. It is a great book! No movie yet, but a quick web search for Heimo brings back lots of good...
    5. racinghoss

      Louisiana Judge rejects law blocking felons from owning guns

      Good stuff. Maybe a few other "good states" like Alaska, Arizona, etc will also buy into this.
    6. racinghoss

      New T-shirt for my daughter

      Yeah, I think that shirt would get her in trouble. Great shirt for a first date though.
    7. racinghoss

      Holding the Line in Annapolis: Round 2

      I will be there for both days. Testity on the 1st, and at least dropping off written testimony on the 5th (also attending the rally for a while). No facebook, but planning to bring at least 2 more with me. They did not attend on the 6th.
    8. racinghoss

      Gun control proposals and military citizens?

      As I understand these bills, a military member transferring to MD (under orders) would not be able to bring a banned item with them? In other words, they would have to sell them or store them out of state before moving here. This would also apply to MD residents who join the military, live...
    9. racinghoss

      Tax guns in movies and video games

      And that makes it OK? Holy Cow. The Constitution includes more than the 2A. There are lots of other parts that are not supposed to be infringed upon, too.
    10. racinghoss

      Greetings from the shore!

      Yeah. I did not really mean to welcome you to the site. Go home, say a prayer for Papa Bear Halas, then come back and reintroduce yourself in order to receive a proper welcome. :lol2:
    11. racinghoss

      Greetings from the shore!

      Welcome aboard; from a Bears fan.
    12. racinghoss

      Rapid Reticle Group Buy and sale!!!!!

      I guess I was unaware that you were missing yours. We were able to get Pushrod squared away, if memory serves me right. I will see what we can do for you.
    13. racinghoss

      Military Safety Act Petition

      Or, everyone could be allowed to carry. Police carry as part of their occupation. Military members (except military police) do not have that same occupation (domestically). Posse Comitatis may even be a factor if you are only allowing military to carry, and not everyone. FWIW, I am a...
    14. racinghoss


      I fired for effect.
    15. racinghoss

      Does the AWB Discourage you from Gun Ownership?

      Absolutely not giving up the fight to prevent further encroachment on our rights, and restore rights already lost. But...I wont buy another firearm as long as I live in MD. For the record, I will only be living here for about a year and a half.
    16. racinghoss

      Might be stupidest response yet.....

      I only took exception with the part where you said you were in favor of it :)
    17. racinghoss

      IP Info - Bri-Bet Group

      Hmmm. Let me look into this.
    18. racinghoss

      IP Info - Bri-Bet Group

      It just worked for me. Anyone else having problems?
    19. racinghoss

      INFORCE Round #2 Group Buy!!!
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