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    1. rtse4me

      Redding Die ??

      I am going to start to reload and looking at Redding Type S full length bushing die. I see they have something called Redding Type S full length bushing die small base body. What does it do? Do I need it? All I have now is a Forester co-ax press...
    2. rtse4me

      Surveying Services in Howard Co

      Looking to do a minor adjusting of lot lines between my neighbor's lot and myself in Howard Co. I need a "Originals Only- Record Plat" for minor revisions to adjust property lines between the 2 Lots and recorded with the regulatory agencies of Howard County Thanks any info
    3. rtse4me

      Lothar Walther barrel??

      I want to purchase their 10.5"AR15 22lr barrel but in the description it states: "This dedicated 22LR barrel has a .675 long breech and will not work with a newer style .700 long breech collar. Buyer is responsible for measuring there 22LR conversation collar to ensure it is .675 OAL and not...
    4. rtse4me

      WWYD: Rebarrel Tikka T3 vs T3x CTR

      I currently have a Tikka T3 lite in .223. The plan was to put on a Proof Research prefit carbon fiber barrel. Cost is $830 plus install...$100? OR I saw that Europtic has Tikka T3x .223 CTRs in stock for a $1000. So which option should I go with? I like the Proof barrel because of the...
    5. rtse4me

      Ebay $25 off anything >$25.01

      Use the coupon code HAPPY25 on any item $25.01 or more, it will take $25 off. For some reason it does not work on all accounts. It did work for me. It's a promotion for people who've been with eBay for some years. Works until 9/10;
    6. rtse4me

      14" Barrel with VG6

      I was looking at this BA 14" barrel I have a VG6 Gamma 556EX muzzle brake The description states "This VG6 GAMMA 556EX version is designed for 14.5" barrels...
    7. rtse4me

      Pre 2013 Lower

      So I have a pre 13 lower that I can't decide if I should build into a pistol or LW rifle. What I have laying around: Upper and Lower receivers 10" Geissele Mk1 rail and trigger LWRC compact stock SB pistol brace Noveske 11.5" barrel BCG Was thinking about getting 14.5" barrel w/muzzle...
    8. rtse4me

      Modifying Scope base for cant

      I have a couple Sako rifles with their Optilock bases and rings. I would like around 25moa of cant. I know DIP makes a 25moa picatinny rail but they use set screws to hold the rail in place. Sako's are not tapped. So I was thinking of just shimming the rear base between the ring and base like...
    9. rtse4me

      Firewood White Oak Howard Co

      I have pickup load of firewood left if anyone needs it. Tree was cut down last fall and I split it over the winter. You can backup to it as soon as the ground dries up a bit. Located in western Howard Co.
    10. rtse4me

      Dedicated uppper 4 my sbr

      Since the complete 22lr Nordic upper I want is on galactic back order I will have to build a dedicated upper for a sbr lower What I have now laying around is a stripped LMT upper, geissele MK1 10" rail and a charging handle. I was thinking about getting this 10.5" barrel since it is the only...
    11. rtse4me

      Olympic Trap..

      I shot this for the first time recently and it is quite fun. We are lucky to have a facility nearby that has a bunker setup. If you want a challenge go to PG and shoot a couple rounds.
    12. rtse4me

      SBR before FSA2013

      Just wondering if you purchased a SBR on a Form 4 before 2013 were you required to fill out a 77r before taking possession?
    13. rtse4me

      SBR with no HQL

      Anybody have any suggestions for SBRs that dosen't require a HQL? I already did a Form 1 on a AR and don't want another AR. Since, I don't have a HQL that rules out Form 4 and buying a pistol to do a Form 1. I was thinking maybe a Sig 556R but not sure how you would deal with the gas system.
    14. rtse4me

      223 bolt guns

      I have wanted a quality bolt action in 223 for a while now. Low recoil is the main reason for wanting one. I would like to shoot 75g-80g bullets Some of the guns that I am considering: 1. Savage Hog Hunter- Inexpensive so extra dollars for upgrades 2. Remington 700 5R- not sure if these are...
    15. rtse4me

      15% off Vortex

      Enter Coupon Code FBNC-15 at checkout to apply the discount.
    16. rtse4me

      Out of state purchase ?

      Can i purchase a banned firearm out of state and have an out of state FFL keep the firearm until I am no longer a resident? From Title 29 DEPARTMENT OF STATE POLICE Subtitle 03 Weapons Regulations Generally. A. This chapter restricts the sale, rental, transfer, purchase, receipt...
    17. rtse4me

      Need transfer in Fredericksburg

      Can someone recommend a place in Fredericksburg that will handle a transfer of a rifle from a VA resident to me (MD resident) for a rifle? The rifle was sold in MD after Oct 2013 by local shops so I know it is not a banned item. I would like to drive down and pick it up but if all else fails...
    18. rtse4me

      HK94 Clone in 10mm/40SW

      Would this be legal? Passes parts interchangeability requirement to be a copy. Passes evil features for semi-auto centerfire rifles. OAL>29"
    19. rtse4me

      Need stock work

      I need to have a stock shortened and new recoil pad fitted. The person I used in the past is retired. Any recommendations for someone in MD, NoVa or PA? I know this is not that difficult a job but the shotgun is kind of expensive. I have been fitted so I know my dimensions. Thanks for any...
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