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    1. Bboarder

      paver installer

      Looking for someone who can install cobbles for a short driveway in reisterstown. PM me
    2. Bboarder

      Shed season 2022

      Already found a few while dog walking. 2 close to my house today, both lefts, tall, narrow. Brow tine on one turned way in. Probably related
    3. Bboarder

      Two 10gun fireproof safes

      Looking to pickup 2 gun safes -10gun size approx -fireproof -electric key code -Baltimore area Safes do not have to match, and willing to buy one at a time till I get both. Used, but has to be in good condition
    4. Bboarder

      Balt county structural engineer

      As title says, need a structural engineer. I've worked with an architect who has drawn the addition for our house and he just told me he can't stamp the plans and I need a SE.
    5. Bboarder

      Safe restorer

      So the big safe I needed moved, found someone to move it, now I need it cleaned up and painted, also have a vault door I need restored/painted Willing to drive a little, stuff will be in reisterstown, who would you call?
    6. Bboarder

      Food plot: deer

      I've never planted a deer food plot before, what does the crowd believe in? Minerals? Actual food source for woods/field edges? Do you till or just spread on surface? For what I'm trying to achieve; pulling and keeping deer in an area, and better antlers; if that's actually real.
    7. Bboarder

      Safe Mover

      Still looking for someone who can move a 1000lb safe down a flight of stairs in baltimore county.
    8. Bboarder

      Shed hunting 2021

      I stumbled into the beginning of shed hunting season by stumbling onto my first two. Both in open field near structures on the farm. First one Jan 11th right side 4points Second Jan 21st spike
    9. Bboarder

      Wtb Mossburg 500 12ga

      For a friend What ya got Northern balt county area
    10. Bboarder

      Slate installers

      Who knows someone in the area who installs slate. Have a 35 square job in reisterstown
    11. Bboarder

      Eastern shore Sitka guides

      Did the google thing and nothing popped up. Does anyone know of an eastern shore MD/DE guide that does Sitka?
    12. Bboarder

      18" 5.56 heavy barrel

      what it says
    13. Bboarder

      Structural steel fabricator and installer

      Need about 60 pieces, 35tons of steel for a project in Reisterstown. Looking for a fabricator that also installs. Want it priced per ton installed
    14. Bboarder

      2020 Shed Hunting

      What says everybody? Ive been out multiple times checking bedding spots I always find racks in and haven't stumbled across a thing yet. Last night I saw a buck carrying both sides still and wondering if the mild winter has them easing through and will lead to a late drop?
    15. Bboarder

      equipment trailer

      anybody have a utility trailer they don't use or are looking to downsize plus cash? I am looking for a 10-12k gvw trailer 18x7 equipment/utility trailer. no sides, bumper pull I have a 16ft utility trailer, 5k landscape trailer with 18" sides. I need a bigger trailer, looking to upgrade...
    16. Bboarder

      Farm help

      We are looking for a new person to join the farm crew who can operate a zero turn, string trimmer, blower and deal with other landscape related work as well as help the other guys with farm work as needed Part to full time Pay starting $12-14 an hour depending on experience Job is in...
    17. Bboarder

      Warn-Belleview winch parts

      Stab in the dark Anyone on here have or know of anyone who has an old belleview 6000 winch laying around. I’m missing parts of one I have and trying to rebuild. For those who end up googling, yes there is a guy named Herm, he “carries” parts, but never has any for sale. So I’m still looking
    18. Bboarder

      20ga youth U/O

      Looking for a 20gauge youth U/O shotgun for the woman. potential trade for Mossburg 500 20ga (plus $ on my end)
    19. Bboarder

      mossburg 500 20gauge stock

      The g/f has gotten into shooting clays; trap and skeet. She's tiny 5'1 110lbs so i started her on a 410, she has been getting lessons on a 28ga and ive been stepping her up to 20ga on a mossburg 500 pump. It rattles her a little and was wondering if anyone makes any better complete stocks for it...
    20. Bboarder

      lateral filing cabinet

      Looking for a lateral filing cabinet 2-3 drawer 30/36/42" in size metal or wood Color... not as big a concern condition: clean and functional Baltimore area
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