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    1. Ponder_MD

      Finishing an 80 lower

      This is excellent. My intention is to visit a friend/relative for coaching assistance. He is a private individual, he does not own a "machine shop" licensed or otherwise. I am using my own tools. He is not a business. No money will change hands. It all seems perfectly legal.
    2. Ponder_MD

      Finishing an 80 lower

      This very helpful and exactly what I needed. Thanks. Quick question: How many lowers can you mill out with a single bit? Is it 1:1 or...? (No, I'm not planning on churning out lowers, it's just a question.)
    3. Ponder_MD

      Finishing an 80 lower

      Set me straight here. What are the laws regarding help with finishing an 80 lower? Can a friend loan you a jig? Can that friend stand over you and coach you while you use his jig to mill out your lower? I am NOT asking for someone to mill out my lower for me.
    4. Ponder_MD

      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      Frosh is right. More guns means more people will die. Violent criminals will die. Thinking about it, I actually do expect an initial uptick in shooting deaths as criminals walk into a new buzzsaw of lawfully armed citizenry. Then, I think there will be a sharp decrease as "civility" is...
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