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    1. NateTheShake

      Elk Neck arrest for "transfer" of high capacity magazine: Fact or Fiction?

      Sweet, so exit thread at the top. I appreciate the absolute lack of help and look forward to future interactions in which nothing of use is gained. Because it sounded like you agreed "transfer" includes "loan temporarily in the presence of the owner" and it sounds like you're wrong. On...
    2. NateTheShake

      Elk Neck arrest for "transfer" of high capacity magazine: Fact or Fiction?

      Is it? Is there a precedence set that handing someone a magazine for temporary use can be interpreted the same way as giving someone a magazine as a permanent transfer of ownership? I'm not necessarily disagreeing, but that sounds to me like a very questionable interpretation of the law and...
    3. NateTheShake

      Elk Neck arrest for "transfer" of high capacity magazine: Fact or Fiction?

      Exactly what I said. In fact my immediate response was "so they have been arrested, charged, tried, and are now serving three years just for loaning a magazine at a range?" I have very limited patience for the fear-mongering gun shop lore, far less than I used to. When I hear stuff like...
    4. NateTheShake

      Elk Neck arrest for "transfer" of high capacity magazine: Fact or Fiction?

      Hey guys, it has been a while since I've really posted here. I've had a lot of stuff going on with work/military/personal so "free" time hasn't really existed. That being said I wanted to check here as I could not find anything other than an empty ARFCOM thread about a disturbing story I heard...
    5. NateTheShake

      Gun Connection Texas Open for Business!!!

      Congrats on the new store.
    6. NateTheShake

      Will Glock 42 make it to Maryland?

      When is the next go-around? The wife won Glock A Day this year and I think that's the one we'll end up getting. (We have five others so the 42 is just a novelty at this point.)
    7. NateTheShake

      So WTH did this AR-15 NOT SELL ???

      Ok, I waded through all eight pages of this thread and declare Jimbob2.0 the winner for the best response to the original question. Also I totally agree that the ad reads like a used-car ad on Craigslist. From what I can tell the seller: 1. Paid a lot of money during the great 2012-2013...
    8. NateTheShake

      KeyMod rail - anyone put one through it's paces??

      I can kind of see the benefit of a lighter rail system for some applications (namely military where you actually will be lugging around a rifle at all hours of the day) otherwise I couldn't see buying one unless it was for a virgin build and the price was comparable to 1913 rails. That being...
    9. NateTheShake

      The Official AR-15 Picture Thread

      Most recent build (M16A4 clone): #16 was my issued rifle number so I threw it on there for fun the family: not an AR, but I love this rifle and happened to take a picture at the same time as I did the others:
    10. NateTheShake

      MD LiveScan

      Am I correct in understanding that all NFA paperwork must now include LiveScan fingerprints instead of the paper prints? Follow-on question: does CJIS in Riesterstown do LiveScan or does it have to be done at the Glen Burnie location?
    11. NateTheShake

      Ultimate Home Defense load: Fed LE132-1B

      As it so happens no I have not had the occasion to fire at an adversary with a shotgun. I have been shot at more than once and I do understand the mechanics of that "oh shit" adrenaline dump. Without a doubt, as you said, you will be off a little and down to pure muscle memory. There is no...
    12. NateTheShake

      Ultimate Home Defense load: Fed LE132-1B

      You can really see the effects of each pellet acting as a separate projectile here: In most of the tests (excluding the birdshot which... well is a terrible choice for self defense) you can see the cloud of shot striking the gelatine block at pretty much the same time in a pretty tight...
    13. NateTheShake

      Ultimate Home Defense load: Fed LE132-1B

      I am failing to understand the idea behind seeking a wider spread with a shotgun in terms of self defense... For shooting birds or clays I can understand wanting to be able to increase spread to increase the chance of a hit as the target is very small and moving quickly, but that's a totally...
    14. NateTheShake

      Ultimate Home Defense load: Fed LE132-1B

      Yes it does appear to be out in very limited quantities. Old Painless from Box O' Truth got his hands on some and the results are predictably impressive: VERY tight patterning. This is from 15 yards: The LE132-1B load is on the left...
    15. NateTheShake

      Glocktober Numbers

      Winners: 178, 165, 191 It would appear blindnoodle won.
    16. NateTheShake

      Glocktober Numbers

      There are only three winners for each run of 100 tickets. The number that hits and the tickets that are +13/-13 from that number. So say (trying to make this easy) ticket number 026 hits whoever has the tickets with 026, 013, and 039 would win. Only those tickets since only three tickets...
    17. NateTheShake

      Glocktober Numbers

      Hodgepodge - 025, 063 tsmith1499 - 039, 070 PJDiesel - 001, 024, 076 ProShooter - 002 Boxcab - 041 Straightshooter - 019, 072 JavaDan - 037, 080 tball - 042 Pstango - 043, 093 Tanker Super - 006, 071 4570inMD - 027 davsco - 034 eddiek2000 - 009, 051, 080...
    18. NateTheShake

      Gen3 G21sf vs gen4 g21

      I got the Gen4 G21 with my 2011 Glock A Day voucher and without the backstrap it feels the same as a G21SF. Basically it comes down to price. Price being equal I'd get the Gen4 just for the improved magazine release. If the price is different get the cheaper one. To that end I threw away...
    19. NateTheShake

      ITEOTWAWKI Holsters

      Could not agree more. I am lucky enough to work along side mostly like-minded folks when it comes to firearms. I mean how many jobs have you held where a group "range day" is the norm and happens rather frequently (usually three to four times a year)? That being said there are the...
    20. NateTheShake

      Check out my new "Glock"

      More than it would have cost for an actual Glock that's for sure. Actually not bad price-wise, but it was a friend price since I deployed with a very good friend of the artist. Definitely pulled that on the fiance already. Too corny not to. Mike at Temple Art Tattoo in Hagerstown. It...
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