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    1. TLL

      Feedback posted by TLL on Squaregrouper

      Great to meet AmmoJon. Great buyer, arrived Early. A+
    2. TLL

      Original Florida CWL Time Frame: 2 Weeks

      My nonresident ccw expired last month. Don't really need it. Sent from my SM-A546U using Tapatalk
    3. Ruger 10/22

      Reply to question by 'TLL' on the classified ad 'Ruger 10/22'

      Factory threaded chrome barrel and BX trigger. No blemishes. I have had it less than a year. Just a little heavy for this old guy.
    4. Ruger 10/22

      For sale Ruger 10/22

      Ruger 10/22, threaded, heavy chrome barrel, BX trigger. Beautiful unblemished finish. 2-10rd mags. I am a VA resident so there are 2-25 rd mags available where legal. AA county md or close meetup. Virginia meet up .
    5. TLL

      Rossi shotgun help

      I know they made 6ft barrels but 8 ft could have been a special order for the premier Rossi offerings. Sarcasm intended. Haha Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk
    6. TLL

      Smith 17-3 K22

      My 1957 K22 6" in blue box. Laminated sales receipt from 1958, $51.37. Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk
    7. 2 P64 mags

      For sale 2 P64 mags

      2 P64 mags. One mag has a crack in base plate but still firmly attached. OEM. Will mail for $10. Both only
    8. Romanian TTC

      For sale Romanian TTC

      Romanian TTC 7.62x25. C&R. Has chipped grip on one side. In very good condition otherwise. Can meet at Tyler's or some where convenient. Will mail if you want to pay cost.
    9. TLL

      Feedback posted by TLL on chino101

      Pleasure to me this gentleman. Excellent communication and easy deal completed as scheduled. A+++
    10. S & W 10-9 RHKP

      For sale S & W 10-9 RHKP

      Revolver is like unfired except for minor turn line. Unissued condition return,I assume, from Royal Hong Kong Police. No import marks. Sale pending
    11. Mort Kunsler Print

      For sale Mort Kunsler Print

      For civil war buffs. Signed and numbered print from Mort Kunsler. The Final Mission" print. These are rare and offered from $895 to 995 plus $50 to 70 shipping. One on eBay and fine prints gallery are the only ones I have seen for sale.
    12. TLL

      Food storage vs conditions

      Ok I did not die, puke or have the trots. Decent taste,smell. Servings are for 4 and I ate a reasonable amount for the experiment. Wise food settled a class action lawsuit for over starting the nutrition value for the servings. My batch was from before the suit. It is what it is. Will try a...
    13. TLL

      In Their Own Words; A Blueprint to Ban Handguns by Joe Curran

      Very sad story of the 28yo. I have been carrying for a few years now and been thinking about the recent increase of the teen popup carjackings in the area. These kids are quick and sneaky. Pulling out my gun with one pointed at you is not likely to be helpful. It's a tough situation. Sent from...
    14. TLL

      Food storage vs conditions

      I just got off the phone with the company and they gave me the try it or not but he said it just might not taste good but shouldn't kill me sooo. So I have that going for me.
    15. TLL

      Food storage vs conditions

      It says 25 years at 50-55degrees and at 60-65 degrees 20 years. Guess it's been more like 5 years controlled temp and 6 in freeze and heat. So it is a toss up on opinions. Sealed in mylar packages and in the bucket. Yes rejuvenate with hot water. Maybe have a puke bucket and Imodium handy! Would...
    16. TLL

      Food storage vs conditions

      I have a bucket of prep food. It was stored in home for first 10 years but has been in an outdoor shed for the past 10years. Obviously unstable temps. I'm going with a don't eat . What say you folks?
    17. TLL

      Feedback posted by TLL on rouchna

      Great communication, very timely meetup. Easy , pleasant deal. A+++ buyer.
    18. TLL

      Feedback posted by TLL on ZachW

      Several transactions with ZachW have all been great! Timely meet ups and great communication. A+++
    19. .223

      For sale .223

      1000 rds MFS .223 zinc coated. 100 rds Herters .223 62 gr. 60rds Herters .223 55 gr. .32¢ Rd 1160 rds total. $375 Will not split. Pick up in Pasadena or South AA county for you So MD people. No tax or shipping.
    20. S&W shield 9mm mags

      For sale S&W shield 9mm mags

      4 S&W Shield 8rd magazines. Retail from $30 to $40 each plus shipping and tax probably. Brand new in box. All 4 for $100 picked-up in Pasadena MD $110 mailed to you. Cash or M.O
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