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      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      You want to talk about some irony? I think the braces were illegal under GW Bush, then made legal under Obama/Biden, now being changed to SBR status for the braces under Biden. I understand this completely though. Unless the NFA goes away, the "pistol" brace is just an attempted work around...
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      Waterfowl 2022-2023

      Access is usually the problem. However, with a boat and some knowledge, you can get into it on the Potomac or the Monocacy. Can also try to get a blind site during the lottery. I used to have access to three great spots for goose hunting, but the owner of two passed and both those spots have...
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      Waterfowl 2022-2023

      Green wing teal is one of the first ducks I ever shot. Think it was back in November 1997. That was my first real duck hunt in the marsh, freezing my cajones off in the rain. Almost had a stroke when the other birds it was with went vertical after the first shot. Very pretty bird right there.
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      Waterfowl 2022-2023

      Was wondering how you did on Saturday gtodave. Was also coming here to mention that today is the first day I have seen geese moving all over the place. Still not moving in the numbers I am used to seeing, but they were moving. Heck, saw way more geese 3 years ago when we first moved in here than...
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      For all you Beretta fan boys

      More like Beretta was no Maryland fan. lol
    6. F

      Benelli M4 question

      That looks pretty damn nice!!!!!!!!!! Must resist the urge.
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      Demolition - The Cracked Claw

      Find the job and then move. When I first started dating my wife, my sister who was working for Arthur Andersen at the time, said to me, "Find where you want to live, then find a job." So, find that job within acceptable commuting distance of WV and move. Right now, Carroll County is about the...
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      For all you Beretta fan boys

      Justification for any further firearms purchases left the building for me about 20 years ago. FSA2013 provided some justification, but I think I might have gone a little overboard. Massive difference between "want" and "need". Might need to buy a left hand 12 gauge semi for my son in the near...
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      Demolition - The Cracked Claw

      I drove past that building last soccer season. Missed the turn there for the soccer fields and turned into Ceresville Manor. I drove around Ceresville Manor looking for the soccer fields and thinking, this place looks like it is for weddings. The building in your picture was unremarkable to me...
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      Demolition - The Cracked Claw

      Nobody understands this. They move into a cookie cutter development with water and sewer and then they want to keep the rest of the area quaint. I remember when there was absolutely nothing in Urbana. Road 355 all the way from Rockville to Frederick back in the 80s and once we got out of...
    11. F

      Hello from Sykesville

      I found the right woman. lol The kids are also pretty helpful now. We got lucky with our children, but we put a lot of effort into each and every one during their first 5 years. We got lucky with their intelligence and desire to achieve, which makes things a lot easier on us. They all have a...
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      For all you Beretta fan boys

      I regret not buying a 92FS back in 2013. instead, I bought a Beretta PX4 Storm. If MSI wins the HQL litigation, a Beretta 92X Performance is on my list of wants. The 80X looks really nice too and is now on my list of wants too. Thanks John...
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      Hello from Sykesville

      lol - just too funny. I have absolutely no idea why some people think I am a dwarf, a tax attorney/CPA, a liberal, and anti-2A. One day, I might figure it out. I guess we can debate the definition of dwarf. I'm definitely not liberal or anti-2A. I am conservative, just not uber conservative...
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      New Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol LE 12ga 19" barrel 7 Round M-lok Tube Shotgun

      It was also answered in post #12 of the link that the OP put up to That post, from somebody working in Beretta engineering says that the 1301 will not be going away and he is currently working on the 1301 platform. I knew I had already read that this was going to be Made in USA in...
    15. F

      MGA Gun Control 2023

      Depends where you get charged. MoCo, you really think you are getting a Nolle or Stet? Maybe a PBJ. Same goes for PG. Might stand a little better of a chance in Anne Arundel, Howard, Frederick, and Baltimore Counties, but not by much.
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      When the Chief Justice Quietly Tells the Gun Control States to Go Pound Sand

      Exactly. Nothing quite like the Executive Branch not enforcing laws, except for the fact that it happens all the time. Immigration is one of those times. Several laws older than dirt and out of date with modern society were not enforced in Maryland for the past couple of decades. They were...
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      Considering a 410 Shotgun for Turkey

      You can use a more open choke for squirrel or rabbit with a 12 gauge and you will get the same amount of pellets in the animal, but have a larger margin of error.
    18. F

      Considering a 410 Shotgun for Turkey

      Length of the barrel has pretty much nothing to do with the choke/pattern of the gun. Once you get past 20" or so, all the powder is burned up and you are not gaining anything in velocity. Longer forcing cones might help with less pellet deformation, but that is about it. After that, it all...
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      7 day wait

      How do they know that you still own all those other guns that you have previously bought? I mean with all the boating accidents, etc. that everybody talks about, they might think that you do not currently own any firearms. Then, what about if you are disapproved for some reason, but they have...
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      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      #3 would be to provide education, job opportunity, and a massive culture change of personal responsibility to these areas, but that is the really tough sell. Imagine telling the community that it needs to be better at parenting. That families need to stay together. Mothers AND fathers need to...
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