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KYFHO January 4th, 2021 03:30 PM

Maryland Project Appleseed 2021 Thread
Alright, we are past a 2020 that was very challenging for the program, with 11 cancelled events. But we have scheduled a PACKED 2021 with not only the most events planned in our state's history, but with more types of clinics designed for all types of shooters!

Rifle Marksmanship Clinics
A lot of you are probably interested in our standard one and two day Rifle Marksmanship clinics - we have 26 of those scheduled right now, although we still have a couple more ranges to add to the list once we are confirmed. Now, 3 of those are already sold out or nearly so, so while it may seem like a lot, jump on them early. Our Rifle Marksmanship clinics are fun, and your shooting will improve whatever your starting skill level! You will also learn the history of April 19, 1775 and the shot heard round the world.

What is the difference between a One Day and Two Day Event?
We understand that some folks cannot dedicate an entire weekend to one activity due to family, personal, and work commitments. And seasonally, it is less pleasant to sweat or freeze for two days in a row. We therefore have different versions of the courses to accommodate shooters of all kinds. The One Day events includes the entire basic course of instruction, history, and, typically, one or two chances to qualify as Rifleman in a single day. It can be a pretty intense event - you will certainly "drink from a firehose" of instruction. The Two Day events expand the course of instruction to include a few more lessons, drills, Red Coat targets, and, of course, more chances to qualify as Rifleman.

Rimfire Known Distance Clinics (200 yards)
We also have 3 one day Rimfire Known Distance clinics on the calendar. These events move beyond scaled targets at 25 meters and push shooters and equipment as they engage targets between 50 and 200 yards from all the positions Appleseed teaches. You have to have attended a prior Appleseed event but do not have to be a Rifleman. If you haven't earned your new Rocker, introduced last year, I hope you sign up!

"Introduction to Project Appleseed" Half-day Clinics
But wait, there's more! This year we are adding "Introduction to Project Appleseed" half-day clinics. We know not everyone has a full day or weekend to dedicate to rifle marksmanship. The half day will cover nearly all of the instruction we provide in a full clinic but focused on the prone position. While you cannot earn a Rifleman patch at a half day, it would be a great opportunity to see if Appleseed is for you, a friend, or a family member! These will be on Fridays or Saturdays, depending on the range.

Ladyseed Clinics
But that's not all! We are working to schedule one or more Ladyseed events after a several years hiatus. For many women, a rifle range is an unfamiliar and potentially intimidating territory. A Ladyseed is an Appleseed designed specifically for women. It offers the opportunity for women to shoot, share and get to know each other in a comfortable learning environment. We may convert some of our existing one and two day events or schedule entirely new ones.

Private Clinics
And if that was not enough, we are already working with several groups on private events, such as MilSeeds for military units looking for training or youth groups. If you have a group that would be interested in a private event, feel free to contact me.

Patriot Pistol Clinics
Last but certainly not least, we are also working to add one or two new Patriot Pistol events to the schedule. Patriot Pistol focuses on pistol handling and marksmanship skills - it is a challenging course of fire for even experienced pistol shooters but will certainly bring a new shooter along very quickly as well. And you will be as proud of your Pistoleer patch as you are of Rifleman.

With so many moving pieces, please subscribe to this thread to get updates!

Sign-up MUST be done online. All attendees MUST register online. For full fee schedule, including potential range fees, go to the registration for each event.

Events in Maryland

Finally, as mentioned above, we hope to still add more ranges and events to the calendar. We are working with a range in southern PA that will be very convenient to a lot of folks north of Baltimore who have had to travel a long way. If you know of a range that might be interested in hosting, let me know. We also help out with events in West Virginia and Virginia and highly encourage you to attend in those states if more convenient for you. They each have great crews of folks and also get "border raider" instructors from the Maryland cadre:

Events for West Virginia

Events in Pennsylvania

Events in Virginia

These classes usually sell out quickly and we have a few groups that may buy-out entire events; sign up NOW to assure your spot on the line!

Happy to answer any questions you may have in this thread or by PM. And looking forward to posting more as the year begins.

KYFHO January 13th, 2021 02:56 PM

Just posted a review of using a Ruger Backpacker Takedown at Appleseed in the Rimfire section of the site:

KYFHO January 19th, 2021 10:21 AM

Some 2021 Shoots Already Sold Out!
Just a heads up that we have already sold out several events in 2021, including 3 AAFG events (January, February, and May) and one of our Marriottsville events (March).

We definitely encourage folks to sign up early if interested. There are still spots open in Lexington Park in February and Annapolis and Lexington Park in March. Don't be scared off by cold weather - the Winterseed patch is awesome, both ranges are covered and have concrete pads, and you may luck into a great weekend.

Always happy to answer questions. Will post an AAR after our first shoot of the year this weekend in Annapolis. Hope to see you on the line!

KYFHO January 25th, 2021 11:26 AM

First event of 2021: AAFG Janurary 23, 2021 AAR
Another great day and sold out event with 7 fine Americans on the line (reduced class size due to COVID).

Temperatures hovered about 29 Deg for most of the morning making this a Winterseed eligible event - our first since last January and only our 4th in Maryland since 2015.

Student rose to the opportunity to get that highly sought after achievement with 4 students making Rifleman - Huzzah!

Jan/Feb events seem to be some of our best, as the people who attend REALLY want to be there, and give it there all.

Thanks to the students, volunteers (including PA border raider BBQ_Bandit), and the host club AAFG for another great event.

A couple of pictures.

KYFHO February 21st, 2021 09:21 AM

We had 8 shooters dedicate their Saturday to liberty and marksmanship at a frigid AAFG in Annapolis Maryland.

The weather leading up had been a mix of snow and ice - but ice and very cold weather dominated Saturday. Even as ice would melt in certain areas as it got sunny (but not warm(, it would flash freeze in others. All our flags were stiff with ice in ways I had not seen before. Orange Hat Kniwolf had chip off ice going up steps to the restroom with a hammer in the morning and continuously improved safety conditions with shovel, hammer, and steel ground stakes throughout the day. Red Hat Agent711 and dedicated Blue Hat Liberty Boy also worked to not only get the target line ready, but to keep everyone on even footing all day. Despite that, no spills or issues.

Despite that, we had everyone show up on-time to our sold-out shoot. Huzzah! It was a great group of folks from the very start - we had Father and son Ryan and Travis, couple Liz and Sampson (running a single shot bolt action), a new shooter in Paul, and some repeat Appleseeders as well in Josh, Brian K, and Brian S (and Ryan J). All were very excited to start despite the weather.

Saturday morning Red Coats showed we needed a lot of improvement so we dove into instruction of prone steady hold factors, the 6 steps to firing a shot, and NPOA. Groups started tightening up and Agent711 provided instruction on IMC out on the ice rink of a range. After making sighting adjustments, we practiced prone transitions and then broke for lunch and history, with Agent711 once again leading the way.

We then did seated and standing positions with the Green targets before posting our first AQT of the day. And it was a good one - two 3-time Appleseeders put it all together to score Rifleman and earn their Winterseed patches! Josh H put up a 223 with his Tech Sights 10/22 and Brian S posted a 220 with his Tippmann - Huzzah! It was obvious that both had been practicing between events and were in a Rifleman's Bubble, not only on the line, but while in prep.

We were able to fit in a second AQT and while no one scored Rifleman, Brian K, attending his second Appleseed, was in the 190s with his Tech Sights Marlin Bolt Action. Brian was scoring excellent groups but deviled by miscounts. I highly recommend dry fire practice to Brian and all of the other participants. It is much easier to convert thinking into habit at home between events with regards to the mechanics of the AQT. Persist and I know you will score next time.

Every other shooter would put together a high stage or two in the low to mid-40s only to have a tougher set of stages due to malfunctions, failure to shift NPOA, or bone cold/tired bodies starting to fail. I know every one of you can follow the example of our two qualifiers and Brian K and persist, continue to learn, practice, and come back again.

The shoot wrapped up with the Red Coat target and everyone showed SIGNIFICANT improvement. While only 4 people qualified at even 100-200 yards in the morning, every single shooter did in the afternoon, with 5 achieving 300 yards or more, 3 hitting the shingle (untouched in the morning), and Brian S cleaning the target to add to his accomplishments for the day - Huzzah!

I can't thank my fellow volunteer instructors enough for making this a great event. Agent711 continues to be one of our most active instructors and enthusiastically delivers instruction and history. Liberty Boy, in his AC-RSO role, was the hero of the day as he caught and alerted the LB of two safety issues (both ear protection) and helped a shooter get a malfunctioning rifle back into operation for the Red Coat - way to go! Kniwolf, at his second shoot, took on LB duties and demos was just great - particularly since he had to demo transitions on a mat that happened to be on a sheet of ice. All of our instructors were highly engaged with shooters, got on the ground to help, and ultimately helped folks develop significantly in one day. We all agreed it was one of our favorite shoots and groups of students!

As we wrapped up, it was clear that this class really got the message of liberty and marksmanship and we hope to have each and every one of you back on the line...but you can wait till it is just a little warmer if you like. Our list of 2021 shoots in Maryland can be found here:

Pictures will be available on the Maryland Appleseed Facebook Page:

See you next time!

bigmanindc February 21st, 2021 10:27 AM

Are the Appleseed events scoped or Iron sights?

KYFHO February 21st, 2021 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by bigmanindc (Post 6236413)
Are the Appleseed events scoped or Iron sights?

You can use either. This shoot had 3 scoped and 5 iron sighted rifles. Sometimes that is reversed. 3 of the folks using iron sights had upgraded to Tech Sights, while 2 ran stock sights. And of our Riflemen yesterday, one was using a scope, one iron (tech) sights.

We also had a good mix of rifles - a couple AR style, several 10/22s, a Marlin bolt action, even one guy running a single shot bolt action.

KYFHO February 22nd, 2021 12:54 PM

Pictures from AAFG Feb 20
Just some pics in case you don't Facebook

IJM February 26th, 2021 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by KYFHO (Post 6236444)
You can use either. This shoot had 3 scoped and 5 iron sighted rifles. Sometimes that is reversed. 3 of the folks using iron sights had upgraded to Tech Sights, while 2 ran stock sights. And of our Riflemen yesterday, one was using a scope, one iron (tech) sights.

We also had a good mix of rifles - a couple AR style, several 10/22s, a Marlin bolt action, even one guy running a single shot bolt action.

There's always one showoff. :lol2:

KYFHO February 26th, 2021 05:04 PM

Totally. Oh, he is committed to at least clearing a Red Coat with that rifle at a future clinic. Didn't get a picture of the "high speed, low drag" speed loader for the timed stages we made him out of the bottom of a McDonalds coffee cup :rofl:

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