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Blaster229 October 15th, 2021 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by TinCuda (Post 6450733)
I built this little 9mm a few years back for just in case I got into a firefight in a phone booth.

It's a PAK-9 with a few upgrades. It takes Glock magazines.


Man. I love the industrial look of this thing.
Much like the "grease gun" was designed to look like a tool in the Tanker's tool bag, this would fit right in with a bunch of stuff in the bed of a work truck. :thumbsup:

StanleyJobson October 15th, 2021 08:21 PM

Do you know if PSA has fixed the out of battery issue that they had with the AKV's early on? I was under the impression that they had worked all out of the kinks when they re-released it mid 2019. I could be wrong though.
See video here:


Originally Posted by ST19AG_WGreymon (Post 6450408)
It's funny to see this thread come back up. I never got the AK-V and got the KP-9 instead, I had to submit it to the roster way back with the help of my FFL. I ended up getting the first one in MD at least. I highly recommend the KP-9 over the AK-V.

For the reasons being:
It's a 1:1 clone of the Russian Vityaz based on the actual TDPs
It has an out of battery safety
It has a 5.5mm folding rear trunnion which adds a bit of value, especially if you decide to add Zenitco parts or other mods.
Softer recoiling than the AK-V and Scorpion

Here it is running with a tri-lugged Form 1 suppressor with 5 rounds of supers and subs

StanleyJobson October 15th, 2021 08:55 PM

To me it looks like Palmetto State Armory really stepped up and made things right with the AKV. That's why I bought one. I personally haven't had a single issue with mine and it will eat anything and everything!

They are both very close in price though. I'll probably end up getting a KP-9 as well because hell why not?

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