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    1. weeman

      Hello from Virginia!

      Welcome from Callao!
    2. weeman

      Binary Triggers

      Thanks for the quick response Doc.
    3. weeman

      Binary Triggers

      Federally or just in Maryland?
    4. weeman

      Carroll County Zoning Letter- Untagged Vehicles

      Slow Moving Vehicle. Used for Ag equipment. Do you know what zoning class your property is?
    5. weeman

      Virginia - First Republican Defects

      And that is where you lose me. I understand the merit of your argument. I even understand your viewpoint. I used to feel the same way. I just dont agree anymore. It's time to take the gloves off with the people that are supposed to be on our side, but aren't. If voters in Virginia don't wake...
    6. weeman

      Virginia - First Republican Defects

      Fair enough. However come next election why shouldn't he have to answer for this?
    7. weeman

      Virginia - First Republican Defects

      Are you serious? Why should we continue to support a traitor to our rights? He is not my rep but I'm not far from his district. He does not represent what the majority of people in Virginia stand for. Time to be voted out. Also he's been a politician for 30 years. Time for new blood.
    8. weeman

      Virginia - First Republican Defects

      He has withdrawn the bill.
    9. weeman

      Kids Hunting Gear

      Walmart has walls brand bibs and coats. They have a stitch you can cut out to expand pants or sleeves. We got camo for my boy because he loves it. He also wears them for farm work and in the snow. We bought bigger. Between that and the built in expansion, they have lasted a couple of seasons.
    10. weeman


      Are you looking for onsite or remote work?
    11. weeman

      If you have small children, don't let them out of your sight.

      No offense taken but stuff like this happens. I was in target with the kids and wife one time and had a couple trying to sneakily take pictures of my kids. I went into papa bear will destroy your ass mode and they hauled ass. Will never forget it.
    12. weeman

      Colonial Beach Area? Moving there maybe?

      Colonial beach proper and surrounding areas are kind of ghetto. I've lived on the Northern Neck for 3 years now. Been coming here to family's since 93. Coming from Essex, colonial beach was a no go.
    13. weeman

      VA Carry Permit

      Sweet. Must have changed recently. I got mine back in 2015.
    14. weeman

      VA Carry Permit

      Need to be a resident I think for 30 days. My hunter safety or the old md handgun training was enough for the training portion. Submitted app and fee to court clerk. Had a couple of weeks later.
    15. weeman

      Price matching

      In my opinion, you don't. Either support your lgs, or they'll disappear.
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