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    1. trickg

      LVPO's and risers- Necessary?

      I had a red dot on an AR with the same setup - I never really noticed the front sight and I'd tend to think that it would be a non-issue. If you're going to mount an LPVO on an AR, you're going to want a mount that brings it up off of the flat top a bit anyway. I have two ARs with LPVOs on...
    2. trickg

      I need a gun!

      Skip the Glock 43. IMO. Although more expensive, the Sig 356X is (again, my opinion) superior in pretty much every way. I had the chance to mag dump a bunch of mags at stell plate with a Glock 43x, a Sig P365 on an X grip module, and the Sig P365 Macro. The easiest to control of the bunch...
    3. trickg

      40X in BR Competition

      This is outstanding! No doubt the rifle is dead-nuts accurate - what was the caliber of the rifle? It sounds like the rifle is plenty tricked out though - it has had some work done to eke out the best of what that rifle is capable of. At the end of the day, all other things being equal, it's...
    4. trickg

      Gun safe

      A couple of thoughts here, although I'm certain that if you ever did a deep dive on the internet about gun safes, you'll read some of this anyway. You don't want to skimp on the cost of a safe. I get it - the budget is the budget, but you have to consider the value of what the safe contains -...
    5. trickg

      What is the most affordable FFL dealer to get a handgun transfer?

      That word you used - "schlepping" - interesting when taken in the context that the OP of the thread uses the screen name "Schlep." :lol2:
    6. trickg

      What is the most affordable FFL dealer to get a handgun transfer?

      That, and the kind of service I get. My go-to place for a bit was Field Traders in Pasadena, but they closed up shop. I liked going there - the staff was always super friendly to me and knowledgeable, and for that alone I'd spend a bit extra on a transfer for no more often than I do transfers...
    7. trickg

      Range Rifle Caliber Choice

      I'll have to pick up another barrel with a faster twist if I really want to reach out - the lightweight bullets I use probably don't lend themselves to reaching out - they are just a bit too light to buck wind effectively. I really haven't tried to stretch mine past 100. I keep saying I'm...
    8. trickg


      I got my HQL in October of 2014, but I rejoined (and have subsequently retired from) the National Guard in March of 2015. I'm glad I never have to deal with that BS ever again.
    9. trickg

      Range Rifle Caliber Choice

      I can't shoot anything heavier than about 60 gr from mine - the twist is too slow - but I'd be interested to see how my build fares against that rifle because if your rifle performs right up there with mine, I may have needlessly thrown money at a build that I may not have had to spend. I will...
    10. trickg

      AR-15 build question: gas tube not going into upper:

      I'm still kinda surprised that you got an AP upper that had an issue - they usually have pretty danged solid QC.
    11. trickg

      Range Rifle Caliber Choice

      Cool pic! Seems to be pretty accurate too. If memory serves, that's a Tikka T3x Super Varmint topped with an Arken EP5, right?
    12. trickg

      Does Bruen migrate throughout the Constitution?

      SCOTUS decisions, if you stop and read them thoroughly, almost always reference other SCOTUS decisions. Bruen leaned heavily on Heller and McDonald, so at some point, yes - Bruen will be referenced as a means to decide other SCOTUS cases.
    13. trickg

      Range Rifle Caliber Choice

      Some states allow hunting with a 223 - I know when I was a kid my Dad took a deer with a Sako Vixen in 223, although I wouldn’t recommend hunting anything bigger. As for a rifle, a Ruger American Predator would be nicely accurate and wouldn’t break the bank - you wouldn’t have to do a build...
    14. trickg

      Range Rifle Caliber Choice

      Maybe I misunderstood the question. They want a range rifle. To me that means a few things: 1.) Fun to shoot 2.) Accurate 3.) Decently economical There's nothing very economical about some of the pet choices being bandied about. 30-06? Is that even remotely economical to either buy or...
    15. trickg

      Range Rifle Caliber Choice

      I have a rifle I built in .223 that is accurate to the point that it's a real joy to shoot when I'm having a good day behind the rifle. I don't even do anything specific to reload other than size my brass and then trim it to length. Here's a pic of the rifle and a couple of targets that were...
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