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    1. trickg

      Nearest store selling more than 10 rnd mags just over the line

      There are stores right here in central Maryland that sell “pinned” mags that only hold 10 rounds - no need to go out of state.
    2. trickg

      Please people, don’t give MGA good reasons when they return

      Good luck with that - the people who love to pontificate on subjects like these, yet who freely admit that they don't know much, also aren't actually interested in learning about it - it's much easier to spout off about your personal beliefs when you don't have facts to get in the way of things.
    3. trickg

      Please people, don’t give MGA good reasons when they return

      This is a pet peeve of mine and I try to educate when the opportunity arises because it is so often misused. Jive: (pretty sure we weren't looking to get down and boogie) 1. a lively style of dance popular especially in the 1940s and 1950s, performed to swing music or rock and roll. 2. a form...
    4. trickg

      Powder Available Thread

      If I didn't already have a fair amount of other powder suitable for 223/308, I'd jump on that.
    5. trickg

      Carry Belts...I'm doing it wrong.

      Has anyone tried 1791 gun leather products? I bought a 1911 holster that seems to be ok, so I'd assume their belts are also going to be pretty solid.
    6. trickg

      FDE AR15 Stripped Upper and Lower

      For what it's worth, you can do your own if you have a mind to. I did this with Brownell's Aluma Hyde II. The color is supposed to be Magpul FDE, but as you can see, it's not quite the same as the shade of FDE on stock and pistol grip, or on the scope mount. I kinda like it though, and maybe...
    7. trickg

      Consignment Guns

      If that didn't have a silly-long barrel on it, I'd be all over it.
    8. trickg

      Finishing an 80 lower

      Yep. Exactly, and that's why I didn't go into detail. Left to their own devices, the anti's don't know jack shit. Carolyn McCarthy had no clue what a barrel shroud was. She thought it was "that thing at the shoulder that goes up." Here's the problem. We go into great detail sometimes in...
    9. trickg

      Powder Available Thread

      It's been available for about a week at Powder Valley as well both 1 and 8 pounders.
    10. trickg

      Finishing an 80 lower

      Sometimes the posts I see regarding this kind of thing are borderline ridiculous. I won't go into the many ways why some of the posts above are ridiculous, but they certainly are.
    11. trickg

      Texas judge rules that people under felony indictment have the right to buy guns under the Second Amendment.

      I think it would come down to the idea that the question on the form is unconstitutional, so therefore it should be disregarded in its entirety as if the question and the dishonest answer were never actually there in the first place. A case like this would be easier if it wasn't a dirtbag...
    12. trickg

      New starter reloading kit vs Buying used press and buy the rest piece by piece from amazon/ebay to complete a kit

      I bought a Lee Challenger kit - I think I used everything in that kit at least once. There are a few small things that didn't get much, if any use - I don't think I ever used cutter and lock stud, but everything else got at least a little bit of use. I still use the Lee Perfect Powder...
    13. trickg

      Texas judge rules that people under felony indictment have the right to buy guns under the Second Amendment.

      With the idea in mind that we're not all Constitutional Scholars, it would be helpful if either the thread title or the contents of the thread had some kind of brief explanation of what the thread is trying to convey. I'm in the process of weeding my way through the document to figure out what...
    14. trickg

      Snake gun (revolver) advice.

      There are lots of assumptions in that post - it's also a whole lot of doin'. Snakes are everywhere. I see them in my yard now and again - really only rat snakes and garter snakes. I leave them alone - I figure that most of the time they aren't bothering me so I'm not going to bother them...
    15. trickg

      Snake gun (revolver) advice.

      My grandpa was born in a dugout sod house on a homestead claim along the banks of the Frenchman River in Chase County, Nebraska. When the homestead claim was worked off, my great grandfather sold that piece of ground and bought the piece that became the family farm south and west of my hometown...
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