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      New gun shop opening soon in Frederick

      When are they planning on opening??
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      C&R High Standard Picture Thread

      Here is a reproduction for sale on GB.
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      C&R High Standard Picture Thread

      I don't know if you are still looking, but here is one on GB.
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      Steer Clear of Duffy's Gun Room

      I've bought 3 handguns from Duffy's, I didn't any issues with any of them and though that they were very well priced. I would buy from them again. I would be a regular customer; except they are an hour and a half drive for me. Two of the 3 handguns I bought off of their GB listing and the third...
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      The Barter Thread

      Sorry I wasn't able to help you out, glad that you found some R-15.
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      Person-to-Person Sales - Shotgun

      Since 10/1/2013
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      The Barter Thread

      I think that I have a couple of extra pounds of Reloader 15, I'll check when I get home. Are you going to the Howard show next weekend? How much are you looking for? I'm interested in the AA1680, Unique & Win231.
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      AIA M10.....anyone? Combloc? Anyone?

      I saw these mentioned in the C & R "Rarest Gun You Own" thread. I had never heard of these and did some searching on the web. One of the things that popped up is a AIA M10 .308 Mag for sale on Gun Broker with a starting bid of $95.00. Since I see a few of you own or owned one. Here is the link...
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      Pikesville Armory Gun Show

      The Pikesville show was my favorite back then, always some interesting stuff there.
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      Software Change Coming Soon

      Can we have the Old website back, please.
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      Maryland Arms Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/19-3/20, 2022

      Thanks', I will head down there tomorrow, I had to do a front brake job today.
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      Maryland Arms Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/19-3/20, 2022

      Did anyone see any Springfield Trapdoor parts for sale?
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