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    1. R/C Aircraft

      Reply to question by 'smdub' on the classified ad 'R/C Aircraft'

      If anyone needs help to learn to fly this, we can help! It's free (and GREATLY improves change of success.) I'm an instructor at FreeState RC. There are other clubs in MD that do the same if you aren't close to us. Its fun!
    2. smdub

      Reproduction VZ 58 Pi Scope Rails

      Later VZ58s have a small AK-like side rail on the left. Czechpoint sells them to retrofit semi-autos w/o them. You do have to drill the receiver to mount (but thats how the real one is done.) I added one to my VZ58 long ago. Using a RS Regulate mount IIRC for a red dot. I dont recall if I...
    3. smdub

      Dust cover issue on Bay Silah AK shotgun

      Jump to 45sec. Your ball detents aren't pulling in or something. Did you soak them in oil? After oiling, while holding down the button, try to pry them in w/ a small screwdriver or something.
    4. smdub

      Dust cover issue on Bay Silah AK shotgun

      Doesn't look like a weld. Looks like a ball detent. Some of the Kalashnikov USA KS12 shotguns appear to have the same button thing. Go find it's owners manual or a video.
    5. smdub

      Bay Silah Experience?

      Are you trying to: A) press that little round button down or B) trying to press the whole thing forward into the dust cover? (towards the barrel) 'B' is how a typical AK would open. The BCG should be fully forward when you do this. Use penetrating oil on everything. Try smacking the catch w/...
    6. smdub

      House Bill 450, AW Ban Passed

      I understand the tactical advantage of concealment. But it would take a first class idiot to try to rob anywhere w/ a ton of ppl open carrying (and unknown additional concealed.) Yes, people try to shoot up police stations were EVERYONE is open carrying but its not the norm. Its sort of like...
    7. smdub

      House Bill 450, AW Ban Passed

      BGOS. Visit the free world. At somewhere like a Sheetz near Fredericksburg VA about 1/4 of the ppl I see are open carry (and who knows how many concealed.) No one bats an eye.
    8. smdub

      .500 S&W Special Loading

      Do any 500 Special (only) firearms exist? Unlike 38/44 special which existed WELL before the magnum rounds were invented, 500 special was invented after 500 Magnum. I don't understand why you wouldn't just download a magnum case and use filler if needed. Though minimum loads would be lower in...
    9. smdub

      Hopewell Fish and Game Assoc. Groundhog Shooting Competition

      What targets are you shooting at? Groundhog shaped? Size?
    10. smdub

      300 HAM’R

      Drag is square law. To go 2x as fast, the drag increases by a factor of 4. Thats in the subsonic region. I don't know much about supersonic but odd things happen there. Took airplanes a good bit more energy to push through the sound barier so non-linear things are going on.
    11. smdub

      300 HAM’R

      Nothing wrong w/ shooting it because that is what you have avail! I did a quick online calculator of ballistics. 147gr 9mm vs 150gr 7.62x39. I set muzzle velocity of both at 950fps. 100yd the 7.62 has 0.080" less drop. By 300yd its 12" less (but thats only a 9% difference 141" vs 129") 100yd...
    12. smdub

      300 HAM’R

      Why load 150gr BLK sub vs 147+gr 9mm subs? 9 is even cheaper to load. I guess there are small differences in BC. I'll go look that up. I've only loaded 220gr+ BLK subs as that is something that cant be done easily otherwise. 230gr 45s are much lower BC - not that it makes much difference out...
    13. smdub

      SP5 Modifications for SBR?

      Paging Mr SG. Paging Mr SG... :innocent0
    14. smdub

      Is this kind of shotgun legal in Maryland?

      The LKCI the OP linked to appears to have a guard on both sides covering the gap. Hadn't seen that done before. Pressure still has to go around it but at least the flame/jet isn't directly impinging on your vienna sausages if you get careless.
    15. smdub

      Ammo sales in MD?

      Place multiple orders
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