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    1. slsc98

      Some Things I like for an AR 9mm PCC

      9mm is the new 22 …
    2. slsc98

      Ohio Highway Patrol 870s

      Annnnnd, MORE 870’s at Kings!
    3. slsc98

      Ohio Highway Patrol 870s

      Thanks for posting! I doubt these will last long, at all …
    4. slsc98

      Trying to find threads

      Used search terms “kids”; selected “search titles only” and then also “posts by user” and entered your forum moniker …
    5. slsc98

      Black Bear 2023

      There are a sow and two cubs in our neighborhood; neighbor texted us in June to look out our front door as they were meandering across our meadow … they’re still around so I am pretty sure one or more of our neighbors are feeding them (same reason people put salt licks in their yard, they “like...
    6. slsc98

      My Experience Conceal Carrying in D.C.

      A lot of times I make a wish, it is that a giant sinkhole will disappear DC, completely, forever …
    7. slsc98

      A paradigm shift!

      I respectfully disagree with the notion any AG, DA or LEO in NM is going to somehow reverse their public disdain for the Order - and I doubt any pressure will come from DC; I sense the ENTIRE anti-2A “community” is so incensed at this b*tch jumping the shark so bad; and it is going to set the...
    8. slsc98

      More Marxist Tracking Horse Shite, Now for BP

      ^This^ - individual employees inserting their own politics / ASSumptions was determined - by the carrier - to be the root cause of an order of mine consisting of 10 cases being divided up into not two but, three different deliveries. (Order came from FL but had to pass through Atlanta over a...
    9. slsc98

      Extractor woes 1911 9mm

      Thanks! Heading out to the back deck and recliner to go there now; I cracked open Book # 1 of Kuhnhausen’s, “1911, A Shop Manual” and was reminded there are at least 3 surfaces of the “claw” end that have to be dressed to specific angles … First step will be seeing how much tension the case is...
    10. slsc98

      Beretta 92FS

      I quite seriously refer to it as, “the AK equivalent of handguns.” Only seen one stopped running twice ….
    11. slsc98

      Extractor woes 1911 9mm

      Anyone have any experience (success/disaster) messing with the extractor in your 1911, to resolve failures to extract (and resultant double-feeding)? I have a brand new Rock Islandsouble stack 9mm 1911 and it is double feeding something awful. Before replacing the extractor (with ????) I...
    12. slsc98

      Gun cleaning sucks!

      Depends upon time of year; when it’s scorching hot a week, maybe. In cold weather 14-21 days at most. Holy krap, I can’t believe I never thought of that! I snapped that photo of the one in my truck at range today so, Immagunna try saturating it to see if it works!
    13. slsc98

      Bug a salt

      LOL, Wish you here; I had a dock full of buzzed partiers today that woulda loved to see someone try and move this one … Photos: Bug-A-Salt “Before” and “After” … And yes, it took more than one close-up shot, haha!
    14. slsc98

      Gun cleaning sucks!

      They are neat! I just wish the smell didn’t dissipate as quickly as it does ….
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