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    1. slsc98

      Strike Eagle 1-6x24 - 50% off sale

      These 2020 models are In Stock at time of this posting - same vendor, same price - after code "VORTEX250" : Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Riflescope (2020 Model) with 30mm Cantilever Rings and Hat - $249 after code "VORTEX250" (Free S/H)...
    2. slsc98

      Tourniquet Launch TacticonArmament The Combat TQ Launch

      The Combat TQ Launch (First 100 purchases get $9.95 at 50% Launch Price - AMAZON ONLY $5.83 / each if purchased in 12-pack When seconds matter, you can deploy your TQ from this tourniquet holder quickly, and apply it one-handed to the limb until EMS arrives. Everyone needs at least a few of...
    3. slsc98

      CCW Comfort

      “A pistol is sposed to be comforting, not comfortable” - Clint Smith
    4. slsc98

      Sanner's Lake Sportsmen's Clubgth Annual Bill Plath Memorial 3-Gun MatchProceeds Benefit theMarine Corps League Detachment 1305

      I’m inside a Radiology Dept and limited to phone so, hopefully the attached screen shot provides details enough for any interested! Sanner's Lake Sportsmen's Club gth Annual Bill Plath Memorial 3-Gun Match Proceeds Benefit the Marine Corps League Detachment 1305
    5. slsc98

      Burris Fast Fire RD 1x35.5 79.99

      Thanks man!!!!!!! Snagged two; All In $179.85 after ship & tax … $90 @ I’m cool wit dat! Here’s the link, all:
    6. slsc98

      Antonyuk and Gun Owners of America vs Bruen

      ^This.^ For the love of all that is holy, ^that^!!!
    7. slsc98

      BOOM “50”

      Happy birthday!!!!
    8. slsc98

      Ruger sfar

      I always wish Ruger well; and / but, I scratched the 308 AR itch w the DPMS G-II MOE … schuhweeeeeet! oh yeah, and chrome-lined!
    9. slsc98

      Walther ppk/s

      This thread jolted my memory I have a SIG 232 stainless with something 7 or 8 spare mags in a safe ... my “tuxedo gun” … I use ppk / ppks when shopping for holsters for the 232 and I always meant to ascertain just what - if any - differences are between the 232 and the ppk / ppks … anyone know?
    10. slsc98

      OC traffic stop in O.C.

      Amazing departments rush out training on cross dressing in corrections settings but are dragging their d^cks over this … not surprised I am but UNfvcking believable still …
    11. slsc98

      Interesting Training Opportunities in 2023

      Excellent thread, OP!
    12. slsc98

      What things to look for when buying an AR upper and lower separately that might cause you to violate MD law?

      Well, in reality it is “innocent until proven broke” but, semantics …
    13. slsc98

      Ruger LCR

      Proceed with deliberation - as already mentioned, UNLESS she “likes” recoil (“spider web palms”) due to their incredibly light mass, all the LCR’s but the 22 recoil, um, significantly. Basing that on the 4 we own, shoot and wifey carries … (I have zero experience with any 327 other than a...
    14. slsc98

      12 ga Target Loads

      LOL, it was “chasing” ^that^ exact load that got me into reloading … first 1oz, then 7/8oz, then 3/4oz and I am now down to successfully reloading 5/8oz loads - in 12ga!!! No cheerios or other “fillers” either. 650+ loads per bag of shot and recoil? Hehe, if it weren’t for the noise (and...
    15. slsc98

      12 ga Target Loads

      This is online but LG has gotten orders to me as quickly as 2 days in past: FYI - $99 / flat (10 boxes of 25) 12ga I am not sure whether their shipping is a “flat rate” or otherwise so, double-check shipping costs … 27 flats remaining in stock at time of this posting...
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