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      SKS vs Gewehr 43

      What is the actual difference? Is the internals very different or the same?
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      My AR-Thingy...

      Looks awesome...I have long arms, so I'm definately a fan of the A2 stock lol
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      CA residents-no more on line ammo orders

      Honestly, what can you do in California today? It seems just about every gun is banned there, if your car isn't a hybrid you are pretty much considered barbaric, and if you're a republican, you should probably head for the hills (not Beverly Hills) before they start lashing you with celery.
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      O.K. you guys have always been so helpful.

      Take some ductdape, and wrap it around your barrel and the cyclops exatly 15 times. I'm sure that will work.
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      My wife is AWESOME!

      Haha. Thats awsome.
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      My Rem 700 5R Finally Made it to the Range

      Nice group. My brother-in-law has a R700. Kicks like a bull, but an awsome gun.
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