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    1. For Sale Gearhead Works Folding CZ EVO Tailhook Brace

      For sale For Sale Gearhead Works Folding CZ EVO Tailhook Brace

      1 NIB EVO 3 Tailhook brace with folding adapter for sale. I can meet up at AGC. Not interested in trades.
    2. S

      Just Moved

      I just escaped from the PDRMD to Free America, and I have to say it is nice here. Anyone have any gun shops they recommend around Harpers Ferry/Ranson? And would anyone out here be interested in a RPD?
    3. S

      Everyone - take a breath, now sack up

      I'm fleeing to West Virginia. It was nice knowing you all. Hopefully we can replace Manchin in the next cycle.
    4. S

      Galil Ace Muzzle Brake Removal

      Thanks for the advice. I finally got around to taking another crack at it. No dice. nothing moves.
    5. S

      AGC Guest Changes

      Looks like the AGC thread got hit with the magic eraser again. Does anyone know of a better range within an hour or so of Sykesville?
    6. S

      Galil Ace Muzzle Brake Removal

      Does anyone know how to get the muzzle brake off of a Galil Ace in .308? I've gone through an entire wrench collection, and tried turning in every direction. Nada.
    7. S

      In Stock NOW!

      I did. Will let you know how that goes.
    8. S

      SKS - I want one

      Aimsurplus just got in a bunch of Chinese ones. Not too bad on pricing if you dont care about them being all matching. I ordered one.
    9. S

      Opinions on Best Local Cerakote

      Negative on Bollinger. They misplaced my rifle for three months and completely forget it existed.
    10. S

      C308 Rifle

      So does anyone know someone from Atlantic we could poke with a stick to get a status update?
    11. S

      C308 Rifle

      I'm showing it's still banned.
    12. S

      WTB Sig P230 SL

      Sure thing. Sent one.
    13. S

      More used guns!

      Any chance you guys could find a Sig P230 SL in nice shape? I just got my tax refund and found out they exist today.
    14. S

      WTB Sig P230 SL

      I just got my tax refund and found out these existed on the same day. I need one.
    15. S

      current ATF wait time

      Form 4 Trust Submitted: 7/7/16 Approved: 5/12/17 Arrived: 5/22/17
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