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    1. J

      When purchasing a firearm pay cash, not cred card

      One more reason to stop using credit cards.
    2. J

      CCW Comfort

      Appendix to the left of my belly button. G43 or G19 with the mag pouch linked to my holster. Running Bravo concealment holsters and Kore x7 gun belt They have been working well. I’m good up from 6am till about 7PM after dinner I can tell I have a gun countering by full belly.
    3. J

      MSP Got one... Instructor caught cutting corners, permits invalidated.

      Same. Gun goes on me at 0530 and comes off me when my pants come off before shower and bed time. All day every day. Spent too many years going to and from without one. Glock 43 appendix has been working really well.
    4. J

      Talk me out of a P365....

      365 XL is on my list next. Need something in the middle of my G19 and G43
    5. J


      Nice. Did some work for me years ago. Did fine work.
    6. J


      You GWS?
    7. J

      Sad day

      Hard to beat PSA lowers for a few bucks. Makes a 80% now worth building. Just did the transfer on a PSA lower today for a beat around pistol build
    8. J

      If Russia acts a fool. When to leave the DMV?

      Lol I suppose the flight in would have plenty of seating Hiring would mean Russia is paying for them to serve in the armed forces...
    9. J

      If Russia acts a fool. When to leave the DMV?

      I’m going to russia. Don’t have to worry about candy ass America counter striking. We will be too busy arguing if the nuke identity’s as a boy or girl
    10. J

      One in the chamber

      I carry a Glock all day everyday with one in the chamber appendix. In a Bravo concealment IWB holster. I feel safe with my set up. I trust my Glock and my holster. If my gun goes off, there’s a good chance it was from operator error. Train, train and train. Never get complacent with your safe...
    11. J

      OC traffic stop in O.C.

      I use the true received text definition of whore.
    12. J

      OC traffic stop in O.C.
    13. J

      OC traffic stop in O.C.

      Meh. So do drunken whores
    14. J

      MSP denials

      I wish they would have gave me the same response when I applied. They gave me the run around lawyer talk. But on my application, submitted in early july, since approved, I listed Arrested/charged CDS Poss (etc) then in capital letters I put NOT CONVICTED, PBJ and the dates etc. Then no for...
    15. J

      Msp denials

      So I’m not as hip and up to speed as the next guy here, two questions: What does JTFC mean and have the influx of new members due to Bruen coined the term 22’ers?
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