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      Watching A Guy Open Carrying in JB's Severna Park

      The thread is dead, as the situation passed...but I immediately used the angle grinder to port my barrels and double as a bottle openers for future carrying/drinking excursions...this will be my new side hustle...happily "customize" any one else's for a nominal fee...LOL
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      Fingerprints in Charles county

      I used the Inquiries Screening Business listed from the above link. Upper Marlboro. Made an appointment for the next morning (last wednesday). In and out. On line appointment and payment. Great small business owner. Runs it with her son.
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      Amateur Radio FAQ

      Congrats. Same here with numerous other hobbies. I have a yaesu in the jeep....there are handful of guys from the Northern Neck that are on daily during their commute and weekends to chat with. It is nice to hop and chat every so often. KC3SBM
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      Full auto at the dump?

      Accuracy through Volume....
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      Benjamin Akela (Kral) or Marauder

      Did a quick 10 rounds in the cold this morning. These have promise. I was using a bipod on my card table, so not 100 percent steady. I'm sure these will group better, but other than the one pellet that wasn't coated, these look very clean and uniform. Sent from my Armor 8 using Tapatalk
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      Air Venturi Avenger

      I got the Bonacci kit, a skeletonized grip, lancer stock, and an M-Lol bipod. I also adjusted the hammer spring back down to the beginning, then two turns in, small adjustments till it's at 910fps...ish with 18 gr pellets. After heeding ya'lls advice about the hammer spring being too...
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      Made air drier for compressor

      Nice job!!! Sent from my Armor 8 using Tapatalk
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      New to Air Rifle hunting

      I have 3-4 that I feed regularly...the plan was to shoot and eat the ones that aren't my far, I'm still eating chicken,.pork and beef with that plan.
    9. S

      Air Venturi Avenger

      Both good ideas....I have the duct seal still in it's wrapper in the original stock ...if I can't get it molded and pushed in, then I will try weights and alternating caulk layers....
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      Air Venturi Avenger

      Got my order in...even sent me a picture of his assembly station. Great guy. Now to budget out the furniture. The stocks I like are all pricey...but if I'm going in...may as well go all in a d build it the way I want it. I plan to pack the buffer tube with the duct seal for a little counter...
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      Air Venturi Avenger

      Yep. Even said I don't mind missing the next long I know I'm on the list...we will see.
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      Air Venturi Avenger

      The AR chassis came and went out of stock. He makes like 10 at a time...selling in groups of 5. It's like playing the call in game on radio shows...100s of people calling at once...only a few selected. I will try again when he posts the next 5...but it is a very slim chance of getting...
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      Benjamin Akela (Kral) or Marauder

      I'm not sure I'm ready to take that plunge. I give them a cursory glance when I load them. I do scrutinize the ones I load for squirrel hunting...but I know my eyes have no idea of the weight. I guess it all depends on the quantity of flyers I get. If they increase, that will drive me to start...
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      Benjamin Akela (Kral) or Marauder

      Yeah, that's what I thought too. Just mildly annoying to ruin a good string...
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      Benjamin Akela (Kral) or Marauder

      Grr...nothing worse than shooting an entire magazine, all under a dime...just literally shooting the black center out of the target...and one crap pellet pulls out half an inch. Perfect follow through, and it just flies out there...I'm still on target and like What the Heck. Funny how half an...
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