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    1. shootin the breeze

      AA County Open Carry Project

      For Boats: I still can't get my rig comfortable enough but that's the only thing stopping me from carrying in a patient room. I'm sticking my finger in their butts not them into mine. My pants stay on (this isn't teratos' exam room). No one would know. My rig doesn't bother me standing. I've...
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    3. shootin the breeze


      What model is that?
    4. shootin the breeze

      Divorce and pellet guns

      Having been there and done that, I feel for you. It really sucks. Still have a 15yo sophomore but now that I'm in the home stretch of having minors to take care of, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Got remarried to the right one several years ago and life looks good and getting...
    5. shootin the breeze


      That’s a beauty. I’v recently gotten the Randall but. Found a guy who sells all kinds of knives that’s selling his deceased buddy’s RKS club knives for his widow. Picked up two with 8” blades and top edge sharp as well as a combat companion. Want the rest. Good thing is they don’t move fast so...
    6. shootin the breeze

      60 Days with a PHLster Enigma Express Holster System

      Awesome! Just what I need. Thanks.
    7. shootin the breeze

      60 Days with a PHLster Enigma Express Holster System

      I've got one and I'm still playing with positioning but I don't have an issue with the leg strap. I've got the belt tight enough I don't feel much rise on the holster when drawing and it's not the leg strap holding it. It still moves a bit throughout the day from sitting and I haven't found the...
    8. shootin the breeze

      How can steel type be "variable" when buying an expensive blade?

      I’ve got a shitpile of these and Heretics. You don’t get to pick. They use various steels in each run. The steel uses seems most likely based on what they can get in quantities needed at the time.
    9. shootin the breeze

      How can steel type be "variable" when buying an expensive blade?

      They change their steel periodically, presumably due to what can be obtained at quantities needed.
    10. shootin the breeze

      Silver and Gold stash

      I'd think it also has value as the situation deteriorates. Since spot is spot, if your currency is worthless (previously Zimbabwe, currently Venezuela, soon to be us) but you still have a "society" gold and silver should be able to buy you things. If the person you are trading with has a way to...
    11. shootin the breeze

      Microtech Bounty Hunter, in stock

      The full serrate is more $. I have a straight edge tanto version that I think was $375 maybe less. I bought it a couple of years ago. I have to check my records to be sure.
    12. shootin the breeze

      DIY Hydro Seating Press - Another Reloading Rabbit Hole

      I agree with that statement. I’m not even able to just pull the lever right now and probably won’t be able to set my presses (yes you read that right, I have two 550B collecting dust) until I can leave MD in three years. Jon, you continually amaze me. That kind is stuff is what my JH and HS...
    13. shootin the breeze

      World's Best Plumber!!

      We have a great plumber named Joe. Blanking on his last name. He lives in Mt. Airy and comes to Highland. Pretty cheap and does it right. I’ll have to get his last name and number from my wife to update. Never had an issue.
    14. shootin the breeze

      I don't know much, but that probably won't keep me quiet.

      Well, the lemonade is amazing after all. Welcome, OP.
    15. shootin the breeze

      Minimum Caliber for Concealed Carry in MD

      Are you talking about your rifle or your gun…
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