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    1. Sealion

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Just wanted to thank the frequent posters. You provide some great day dreaming material.
    2. Sealion

      Cars/Motorbikes/ATV’s Doing Doughnuts On The National Mall

      Our institutions are failing. Lawlessness reigns. "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world"
    3. Sealion

      Pops and I went to Guntry.

      This is me to a tee. I'd also add it's 15 minutes away vs. 30+ for me. I've taken various classes there as well. Jason is a good instructor. I think a USAF vet.
    4. Sealion

      Who's Old Lady is this? (Dewey 03/19/2023)

      C'mon! Who among has not had a bad mugshot taken? She's got a nose ring, she's a keeper.
    5. Sealion

      MSI v. Hogan - The Challenge Against the Handgun Qualification License Proceeds

      Ha. I was shocked to get a renewal notice on my W&C!
    6. Sealion

      MSI v. Hogan - The Challenge Against the Handgun Qualification License Proceeds

      Friendly reminder to renew/join MSI. Until I checked, I didn't realize mine expired last year. I'm not sure if MSI sends out reminders, but regardless renewing is on me.
    7. Sealion

      Dewey Beach Tag Line Contest Deadline 03/14/23

      Dewey ever!
    8. Sealion

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Handgun Permit renenwal received in mail 2/9/23. Next legislative battle should be renewal timing. As it stands, it's redonk.
    9. Sealion

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      I did not find a renewal thread, so I thought I'd post here. Original Permit Expiration 2/29/23 Submitted 1/22/23 Accepted 1/26/23 Approved 2/4/23
    10. Sealion

      2 Hour Classroom w/ 1 Hour range - "Life After the W&C Class"

      I'm jelly. It sounds just a bit better than my 8 hour renewal class.
    11. Sealion

      W&C Permit Renewal Notice from MSP LD

      I got the emai as well. Not a whole lot of renewal training options as far as I can tell. I booked one with Cindy's a few weeks out. I would love to see the elimination of renewals or at least pushing out the time frame. I'm not even going to wish for pipe dream of constitutional carry in this...
    12. Sealion

      Kanye, Antisemitism, and JEWISH Conspiracy Theories On THIS Site

      Gal Gadot is the hottest women alive. That't it. I have no other comment.
    13. Sealion

      Carry setup photo thread

      I was thinking garter belt. Whatever floats your boat.
    14. Sealion

      Question on Carry Positions

      Per Teratos, check out defensive shooting videos. The majority of the succesful one's I have seen are usually appendix carry with one in the chamber. YMMV.
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