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    1. SCARCQB

      Guess where I carried megathread

      I use to carry a g26. Switched to a g32/g19 Ended up with an HKUSP45
    2. SCARCQB

      Guess where I carried megathread

      I’ve been experimenting on carrying the biggest pistol I can without anyone noticing. Full size 45 is the new normal nowadays.
    3. SCARCQB

      If Russia acts a fool. When to leave the DMV?

      I live close to DC and many key targets for Russian , Chinese nukes. I’ll probably get vaporized instantly. So no use thinking about this. I’m at peace with that. With the recent mobilization in Russia and referendums in the Donbas. There is a big possibility that stupid minds will...
    4. SCARCQB

      PA non-resident permit?

      I just got back from Gettysburg to pick up my CCW permit this morning .( Adams county sheriffs office) Once your online application is approved. An email is sent and you have to make an appointment to pick up the card in person. Bring your MD wear and carry permit , drivers lic. And any other...
    5. SCARCQB

      Assault firearms in Virginia for CCW

      Reading up on gun laws. I found this : In Virginia :( source: USCCA) Magazine limit. No more than 20 rounds for handguns. Although Virginia has no law restricting large capacity ammunition magazines, Virginia law defines “assault firearm” as any semi-automatic center-fire rifle or pistol which...
    6. SCARCQB

      PA non-resident permit?

      Probably so. I received the notification call from a number from New Jersey.
    7. SCARCQB

      PA non-resident permit?

      As soon as a received my MD wear and carry permit ( Wednesday 9/14/22) . I applied for a Pennsylvania CCW permit. Notified this morning that it was approved. Picking it up on Thursday . Wow . That’s quick. Apparently , York county is even quicker.
    8. SCARCQB

      Application progress banter thread

      Roughly 45k law abiding citizens with legally concealed firearms and counting. Everytime the MSP grants a permit , a violent criminal gets an expedited appointment to meet up with the Creator.
    9. SCARCQB

      Application progress banter thread

      Here you go
    10. SCARCQB

      Application progress banter thread

      Got my permit today. And the first thing I did with it was to apply for a PA CCW permit via Adam County. Also asked my wife if my holstered 45 made my butt look big.
    11. SCARCQB

      Application progress banter thread

      Wooohooo!!!!! 28er Approved on 9/9/22 Delivery of permit tomorrow(9/14/22)
    12. SCARCQB

      How about some GLOCK porn?

      G26 Polished slide . Nothing special.
    13. SCARCQB

      PCC Sub Gun Omnibus Thread

    14. SCARCQB

      Application progress banter thread

      No mail from MSP as well. Maybe tomorrow.
    15. SCARCQB

      45 ACP

      USP45 with 45 super hollow points in a hybrid IWB holster.
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