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    1. Window air conditioning unit

      Question by 'rifelman' on classified ad 'Window air conditioning unit'

      Hi, where are you located?
    2. rifelman

      Nations Gun Show @ Dulles Expo July 22, 23 and 24

      Has anyone seen 80% frames and slide parts kits there?
    3. rifelman

      Person-to-Person Sales - Shotgun

      secondary sales of long guns joined last spring after the Leg. overturned a Governor's veto
    4. rifelman

      Happy Patriot's Day, April 19

      the birth of a beautiful dream!
    5. rifelman

      Major jet noise

      I'm down near North Beach, woke me up and roared for a couple of minutes. Never heard anything that loud from inside the house, lasted a while as he was going away
    6. rifelman

      Major jet noise

      Just got woken up in Owings by massive jet noises. Anybody got any idea what’s going on? Thought it was the end of times.
    7. rifelman

      Shotgun for turkey shoots

      Cost Hi, I've been meaning to try that out. When is it, and costs?? If you know
    8. rifelman

      M1 Carbines at Classic Firearms

      Nice fellow selling his private collection there. I asked the young fellows with him, they said he's 64. He has some pretty carbines and Garands.
    9. rifelman

      Question by '' on classified ad 'IBM m1 carbine'

      Sent you a PM yesterday, interested for sure, do you have photos?
    10. rifelman

      Feedback posted by rifelman on HappyCamper

      Excellent Transaction! Thanks Again!
    11. rifelman

      Margaritaville Resort Coming to OC Boardwalk

      But I know it's my own Damm Fault! :D
    12. rifelman

      I Gotta Pee!

      That's nice!! I have a spot spot in my heart for Stars!! They used to be great firearms and pretty cheap
    13. rifelman

      What brand of boiled linseed oil do you guys recommend and use?

      I was very happy with the brand at Dunkirk Walmart in the paint section. My walnut stocks were pretty dry. It made them good and not too shiny like a commercial firearm.
    14. rifelman

      M1 Carbine

      I was blown away by the Midway carbines starting at 1399 up to 3000 I think, selling out in less than 20 minutes. 1500 does seem to be the new normal now
    15. rifelman

      Feedback posted by rifelman on Decoy

      Great buyer, no issues, very knowledgeable :thumbsup::thumbsup: no issues, great guy!
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