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    1. rdc

      M2 Ball Reloading Concerns

      This is a full power load correct? Not the weaker one I've seen you shoot at thurmont?
    2. rdc

      WTB CMMG 25 Round .22LR Mags

      I have no idea who has them in stock since I haven’t bought any in years but I’ve tried several variations/brands and have had mixed luck. Don’t be surprised if you need to tweak them to get them to work 100% If you have the choice get metal feed lips. My mags with plastic ones cracked. Black...
    3. rdc

      So DNR, NRP and MDSP have no idea what the others are dojng

      How much Antimony though??
    4. rdc

      Garand Tune-up

      I've had Mr. Maloney work on a few of my rifles. It was a pleasure to sit with him and watch him do his thing. I'm glad to hear he is still at it.
    5. rdc

      M1A SOCOM vs AR10

      The AR10 is a better rifle all in all. But I love my M1A. I can ring a torso sized silhouette at 600y all day with the standard irons and nothing special for ammo. That's all I ask of it.
    6. rdc

      Is this Garand wear normal?

      Lube it and shoot it. I would not worry about that. I have one with a stock like that. I have applied lots of BLO and it has darkened up a good bit over the years. I actually like it now but it doesn’t look as good as a nice walnut
    7. rdc

      CETME Model L (.223) in the US

      Are these rifles Maryland kosher?
    8. rdc

      Trespass by Md DNR Police

      This was exactly the answer I was waiting for
    9. rdc

      Ready, secure access for rifle

      A few years ago my house alarm went off about 3AM(thankfully false alarm). In some respects I was surprised how well I handled it. It other respects it was a miserable failure. People definitely need to think it through and actually do dry runs.
    10. rdc

      Feeler: Selling a SWD M11/9 SMG

      Eh. Sh!t happens. We were together 22 years so it's super weird being single etc. But we are cordial and the divorce couldn't have been smoother. We didn't use lawyers and were in court for less than 10 minutes. I'll let some people I know you're selling. Glad you seem to be doing well. DONT...
    11. rdc

      Feeler: Selling a SWD M11/9 SMG

      Bummer you’re selling it man. I’d put it up here and try to sell local first. As others mentioned once it starts going out of state there are multiple transfers. We considered all that when the (now Ex) wife sold it initially.
    12. rdc

      Lost-wax gold casting advice??

      I did some when I worked at a dental lab years ago. We would make the crown or bridge in wax. Encase it in a plaster. Melt out the wax. Then we had a spring loaded centrifuge that held the plaster cast. We'd put the ingots in a little crucible that was attached. Melt the ingots with what I...
    13. rdc

      Catastrophic Hardware Failure at MSP Data Center

      They are trash anyway. Permanently lost my business 10 years ago.
    14. rdc

      BCM 7000 Round Endurance Test (without cleaning) WOW

      I clean my guns about once a year or if they malfunction. Only clean bores if they start shooting funny. Lube often. Seems to work. The only real benefit I can see to cleaning more often would be IF you were inspecting parts for preventative maintenance/replacement. But I can eyeball most of...
    15. rdc

      My DIY hand sanitizer is runny

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