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      When Bill Maher complains about crime....

      Just wait till the end to see his real concern. His real concern appears that a "law and order" type person is going to go very far when the average person is aware of the crime.
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      CCW at the Baltimore Aquarium?

      That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works.
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      Picked up the P320 X-5 Legion yesterday

      In the looks department, I'll put my 229 E2 up against anything. It also helps that it functions well. If it wasn't so dang heavy, it would make a great CCW weapon. Tried it one day, never left the safe again.
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      Picked up the P320 X-5 Legion yesterday

      The 226/229 are the best looking guns out there. The 320 is a bit blah, but certainly seems to get its respect.
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      2 new products from Henry...

      When designing, someone signed off on this not using AR mags? I suppose they hate gobs of money.
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      COLT M4A1 SOCOM Question

      Guessing this will have to be a GB purchase? I'd be interested in snagged one under 1600.
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      S&W CSX SAO 9MM

      Unexciting to me. Next up is for me is the 43X to replace the 365XL currently being carried. The Sig has a strange gap in my hand towards the top of the grip and the flat trigger just doesn't do it for me.
    8. N

      requesting police records from baltimore?

      You can review the Maryland Public Information Act...but my understanding is it has to be a record routinely kept. Rather someone pulled those numbers as a "snapshot" of the times, or rather that record is kept routinely in the course of work, is likely going to be the difference of getting...
    9. N

      requesting police records from baltimore?

      Contact the City Police Department and send a request under the Maryland Public Information Act. .Gov does not need to create a record, only share a kept record. I'm sure since it is such a hot button topic, somewhere and by someone, that information is being kept. Rather or not it is an...
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      New Foxtrot Mike FM-15 Gen 2

      Seems interesting.
    11. N

      Elite Firearms/ Baltimore Best

      Agreed. Service is always great. The last few guns I've bought have been from them.
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      Which micro 9mm to buy?

      Looks interesting. If the grip was a bit longer, I'd be very interested. It is more 365 size and not 365XL size.
    13. N

      Expungment and nics

      The police are allowed the maintain their records, with limitations. The expungement is for the courts. Rather the police should hold it against someone...that's a different story. But they can certainly be aware of it in most cases.
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      Expungment and nics

      "weed charge" unless it was possession with intent or distributing, would not cause a NICS fail. If he had several, it could trigger the habitual user, but a single charge would not.
    15. N

      A Mosin went for $3,000 on Gunbroker today.

      I don't follow the gun market, but the collector car (both new and late models) has seen insane price jumps. I think folks are looking at places outside of the stock market to try and make a few bucks. No real other explanation other than "You've never seen a Brinks truck following the hearse."
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