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      MASSIVE WIN! Pelosi PULLS the Assault Weapons Ban! Due to a LACK of DEM votes…

      Isn’t this the function of the judiciary committee in each chamber? Ie to filter out the unconstitutional garbage…?
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      Finding the spine of a carbon arrow

      Sadly, they didn't have such a device; I'll have to do a drive by at Apple Harvest for them; sounds interesting...
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      Finding the spine of a carbon arrow

      Does anyone here have access to, or know someone who has access to a device similar to this for finding the spine of an arrow? And no, I am not interested in the “bath tub” method…
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      Gluing points directly into arrow

      We glue points all the time; with no ill effects. Now I must admit these are points that are produced by the makers of the shafts we are using and “shelf” prevents points from going deeper into the shaft and the transition from the point to the shaft is smooth (Ie under 0.006”)
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      Joy! At last, block lists work in quoted material

      I really appreciate how block lists now function in quoted material. Thank you :party29:
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      Maryland Firearms Study

      We are already there. Here’s the next frontier
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      Law proposed to weaponise banks against gun owners

      After my experience with WECU in the 1990’s I view CUs and Banks as the same side of the coin. Both leave a bad taste behind…
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      Law proposed to weaponise banks against gun owners

      They serve their own agendas. Not the wishes of their constituents. That’s one of the things that’s really wrong with the Congress critters (and any elected critters)…
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