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    1. mopar92

      Anyone know what these are for?

      They're often commonly referred to as a henway.
    2. mopar92

      Wanted to buy: Ithaca 1911a1 USGI slide assembly

      But is it electric?
    3. mopar92

      Which AR do you recommend that is MD compliant?

      Its against forum rules to advertise firearms business without being an IP. Please PM TexKev to get the process started.
    4. mopar92

      Which AR do you recommend that is MD compliant?

      If someone said heres a Radical Firearms AR 15 and a 1000 rounds of ammo I'd be tickled pink thinking of what a nice slingshot i can barter for.
    5. mopar92

      Which AR do you recommend that is MD compliant?

      IWI Zion is the one I'd jump into for MD. Most places aren't putting out mid length FSBs. They're generally going to be carbine length. Buying one with a free float handguard out of the box can save money if you plan on customizing further.
    6. mopar92

      581 mini14 going rate

      Sammich is sellers choice of Roast beef muenster and BBQ sauce or PB&J.
    7. mopar92

      581 mini14 going rate

      Give ya fiddy bucks and a sammich
    8. mopar92

      Looking for Beretta Elite

      Pure curiosity but was he one of those people with multiple personalities or just a screwball?
    9. mopar92

      Loaded long gun in car

      Loaded long gun is a no-no. DNR regulation and W&C does not apply to long guns. A shotgun with a full side saddle is not loaded. A rifle with ammo on the stock (lever action/bolt action) is not loaded. An AR or AK with dual magazines (IE jungle style) with the empty magazine in the gun is not...
    10. mopar92


      Make sure you take the Donner route. It's scenic and is famous for its local cuisine
    11. mopar92

      I think the ammo drought is over

      I seen that and first thought was ewwwww M855
    12. mopar92

      FN High Power - reincarnated

      That's low sales by another name. Fiddy bucks says Glock has replaced a shit ton of worn out tooling by now.
    13. mopar92

      FN High Power - reincarnated

      I don't comprestand this. Browning made these for decades with low sales bringing death. Turkey is like China in that they don't have words that translate to IP and QA/QC and they where pumping out cheap clones. Now two companies are tooling up to make these things in 2022? *I'm not dogging...
    14. mopar92

      Black aces semi autos

      Junk with a capital 7. Avoid like the pneumonic plague
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