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      Colt AR's In Stock

      I miss his $528 WW. should have bought 3 back then:) I must resist the urge... Help!
    2. M

      PSA AR pistol?

      Buy a complete upper, buy a complete lower. problem solved.
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      Trying to be removed from this group

      the footprint in the internet is permanent
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      Site was down

      I was unable to log in today. Apparently my password was incorrect. I had to reset password. Anyone else experienced this?
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      Hi, my name's Jim and I'm a gunaholic.

      Welcome! The number of firearms you need at home is easy to compute. X = n +1 X is how many you need n is how many you have right now.
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      Buckmark vs Mark IV Ruger 22/45 Mark IV Complete Disassembly and Reassembly
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      Buckmark vs Mark IV

      Mk IV 22/45 only takes seconds to disassemble. Press a button then it comes apart. Then pull out the bolt. It has a Pic rail on top for a red dot.
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      Can someone help me sight-in my AR15?

      The target for the 10 yard = 50 yard/ 200 yard zero is available for download here.
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      Two M1 Carbines in two days

      very nice!
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      Finally got myself an AR15

      Good Choice!!!
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      Suppressor cover

      There's a form1 can forum in Facebook. One of the guys there has been selling those covers. I might need to order several from him
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      New To Silencers

      I do have the freeze plug shaper for the 1.5" freezeplugs as well as a 6 ton press and those recommended in the $100 form 1 can thread by Webber. The #4 part: Send letter to your CLEO. What letter is that. Also for fingerprints, I had a Trust once upon a time and did a Form 1 x 3. Do I need...
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      New To Silencers

      Is there a sticky for the current Form1 process. I am tempted to Form 1 another can but I did the last one before the new process. Definitely would appreciate if someone could make a walkthrough for the current process.
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      New To Silencers .22 cleaning from another thread 4 years ago. link dead. just search rrdvegas here in MDS. He wrote an article about cleaning .22 suppressors and using Dot5 silicone. I just soak my suppressor in Dot 5 and drip dry them 2 days before...
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      New To Silencers

      There are a couple of threads here in MDS that talked about cleaning suppressors, particularly .22lr. Search rrdvegas and you should find the link to the article. My question related to suppressors is who and how do you go around informing the person (sheriff/etc about you making a suppressor...
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