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    1. Markp

      The Official C&R Bubbafication Porn Thread

      Well since you are a fan of sporterized Mosin-Nagant's. Here is my Sporterized Mosin collection... LOL. which one is your favorite?
    2. Markp

      it's a trap

      You know, I have an approved form 1 for a suppressor that I haven't built yet. It would be funny to order this only for the ATF to come visit and see that I have the approved form 1 in hand.
    3. Markp

      J&G Tok 57's

      I am afraid that they might be gone for good! Now to make you cry, I bubba'd this $100 Mosin, it was the first C&R rifle I purchased. :party29: :party29: :party29: :party29: :party29: Now don't get too crazy, the bore was so damaged and shot out that it couldn't hit minute of man...
    4. Markp

      How long is the wait to get the C&R license now?

      Well, mailed it sometime last week (1/28 or 1/29) and they charged my card on the 31st. No waiting when it comes to taking the money! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: Hopefully that means that I will get my new license pretty quickly (had one before - so not quite a renewal, but not completely unknown...
    5. Markp

      Hypothetical gun choice: SKS vs M1 Carbine

      SKS, without a doubt, much more powerful round and has the benefit of being available in many configurations that lend itself to a variety of situations. The short 16"barreled cowboy companion version is very handy and quick to point, it isn't really any bigger than the M1 Carbine. It can also...
    6. Markp

      Visit by Homeland Security yesterday for... a scope purchase?

      Freedom is about choosing who you do and don't let in your house. No one has any right to question your decision to invite them in, and sometimes, that is a completely reasonable course of action. Best for your privacy, no, but easiest and most convenient may outweigh the desire to maintain...
    7. Markp

      Attention AK People!

      Alternate idea, and perhaps not what you are looking for, but the RPK is a good choice and if you can find an older century AES-10B for a good price, that would be an option. (I just looked on gun broker and the only one I saw was freaking $1999, which is insane for what was a $500 gun when I...
    8. Markp

      CRESAP closed for renovations

      I hope they are shut down FOREVER. They were quite possibly running the worst range I have ever shot at: inconsistent with the enforcement of policy, range officials that were more interested in demonstrating their authority than keeping people safe, and extremely limited hours. Del Marva...
    9. Markp

      MD trying to shut down Cresap.

      Good.... Thanks again for the Lifetime Ban CRESAP... (I might add, banned for life with no legitimate reason that would warrant such drastic action other than having a difference of opinion) Now it's payback time. Not going to lift a finger to help you bastards. As a matter of fact, I...
    10. Markp

      The Official C&R Bubbafication Porn Thread

      I was supposed to use JB Weld? Dammit, I knew I was missing something. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
    11. Markp

      The Official C&R Bubbafication Porn Thread

      Yes, it is a first generation X sight. Although, I was tempted to use either the PN134 or Orion Z80 that I have. I think that the PN134 would have really been awesome on this rifle. 3-12x, upgraded the illuminator. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
    12. Markp

      The Official C&R Bubbafication Porn Thread

      yes, it was a $100 rack grade mosin from JG Sales. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
    13. Markp

      The Official C&R Bubbafication Porn Thread

      IR illuminator for the night vision scope. Flash light optional. ;) Make fun of it all you want, but a free floated Mosin with a night vision scope and a suppressor is no joke of a rifle. The 17.5 inch barrel may give up a little velocity, but the barrel profile is far more stout than...
    14. Markp

      Helping to stop the Bubbafication of the Mosin

      It's going to be running my Gemtech HVT suppressor. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
    15. Markp

      Helping to stop the Bubbafication of the Mosin

      Bad barrel... really bad barrel. It's a $109 jg sales mosin with no history. You think that what I did to the Mosin is bad, you should see what I am doing to a Ferrari. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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