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      For sale Estate Liquidation - Very Large Firearms Collection

      ***ATTENTION*** Most items have been sold. I want to thank everyone for their interest. The remainder I will list individually as it consists mostly of AR-15 parts and things that aren't available for sale in Maryland. Hello Maryland Shooters! I'm liquidating an estate with an extremely large...
      $1.00 to $250,000.00
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      CZ-97B Threaded Barrel

      Are there any forum members with a CZ-97B that would be interested in getting a threaded barrel? I've searched the interwebz for a one off purchase with no luck. I also have some inquiries out to several gunsmiths about a one-off purchase and am waiting to hear back. However, one shop I...
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      Custom Barrels

      Do you guys make custom barrels? I'm looking for someone to either extend and thread my current CZ-97B barrel for a suppressor to make a completely new barrel that is threaded for a suppressor. If not, can you recommend someone who can perform this service?
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      WTB: Springfield Armory XD Tactical or XD(M)

      I'm looking to buy a Springfield Armory XD(M) w/threaded barrel in .45 ACP but I am also interested in competitive pistols in the same caliber with a threaded barrel. Does anyone have the XD(M) in stock? How about other similar models that I can compare? FWIW, I'm located in Western Baltimore...
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      Trust Successor Question

      Just deleted everything... sending it to you in a PM. Why? Just don't feel like continuing the argument in the forum when I'm not really interested in seeing it through to the long, over-thought, messy end.
    6. L

      Trust Successor Question

      I think this article presents a good reason for getting your trust doc notarized: That said, its not essential. However, I do it for all of the trusts I create for many of the reasons described...
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      Trust Successor Question

      Well, there's a hitch in your giddy-up here partner. With traditional trusts that are designed to handle cash, real property, or equities (stocks/bonds), I will agree with you. When it comes to firearms, I cannot. First, firearms are extremely portable property that straddles the line between...
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      Shadow Ops Weaponry

      Kudos to Tammy for getting my FFL stuff cleared up pronto. She says she shipped my suppressor today so, hopefully, my FFL will have it by the end of next week (or I'll have it by the end of next week)!
    9. L

      Shadow Ops Weaponry

      Smartass. lol. Happy to go shooting with you anytime my wife unhooks the chain.
    10. L

      Shadow Ops Weaponry

      Well, some potential good news. I decided to give Tammy a call this evening to see if I could get the same positive results that Vette80 received. She did not disappoint. We have a problem with my FFLs information and we're trying to sort that out but she sent me a pic of my suppressor/order...
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      Shadow Ops Weaponry

      Guys, Please don't derail the Shadow Ops thread. I find this discussion as interesting as both of you BUT I put up this thread to discuss SOW's dissolution and outstanding orders. Would greatly appreciate your cooperation!
    12. L

      Shadow Ops Weaponry

      Lol, in this same vein, you wanna hear something funny. My FFL received the completed Form 3 from Shadow Ops and the ATF let me process a Form 4 based on that Form 3. Technically, I "own" the suppressor that they never delivered. I wonder if that ups my ante in the bankruptcy proceeding making...
    13. L

      $59 NFA trust

      The problem is making an informed decision. I've addressed this topic before here on mdshooters. Most folks don't know how to shop for an attorney (hint: shopping by price ain't the right strategy). I tell folks, regardless of whether they choose to use my services or not, that they should...
    14. L

      Shadow Ops Weaponry

      When I ordered my suppressor, they were advertised as "In Stock." They processed my Form 3 in a timely enough fashion (approved by July, ordered in May) but they had plausible excuses as to why they couldn't get the product out the door. First, there was the e-mail about the "attempted hostile...
    15. L

      Shadow Ops Weaponry

      Ha! I called them and found out some very interesting information. We'll see where it leads. If I'm successful, then I will post my efforts in this thread in the hopes that others might succeed as well.
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